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The letter from the chief of the Office of Government Ethics to @SenSchumer and @SenWarren is pretty remarkable.
Literally just got a tip from a GOP source that the head of the Office of Government Ethics would resign. I think the news is just breaking.
#BREAKING: U.S. Office of Government Ethics Calls on White House to Discipline #KellyanneConway
This is the Director of the Office of Government Ethics explain why Trump MUST sell his businesses.

Every American should read this quote.
"I think we are pretty close to a laughingstock at this point," said Walter Shaub, departing government ethics chief
2 months
#BREAKING: Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub Jr. has resigned following months of clashes with the White House.
I’m guessing “director of the Office of Government Ethics” will be a post Trump leaves vacant for a long, long time
Ethics watchdog: Mnuchin and wife may have used government plane to watch solar eclipse
1. Republicans are threatening the head of the Office of Government Ethics for criticizing Trump
5 months
Head of the Office of Government Ethics says his agency has been inundated with concerns over Trump administration
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