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As Sajid Javid says “no self-respecting politician” would accept PM’s conditions to stay in post, Gove'>Michael Gove says to leave him out of it.

Exclusive via @HTScotPol : Jackson Carlaw has put a former Michael Gove aide and private healthcare spindoctor in charge of overhauling his party’s policies for the Holyrood election

@stephenkb  @dsquareddigesta  perpetual failure of the gove-o-sphere is an interest in the _interesting_ and _provocative_ as values in themselves. it's a deformation professionenlle in a columnist, a problem in a schools ministry and... let's find out what in a govt.

Cult of interestingness/provocation around Gove.

Fears of a 'big, big mess' as Rio Tinto begins pulling down Gove refinery

Street sees his role as a regionally elected Conservative politician to represent the interests of his region’s car industry in post Brexit trade deal- he’s been present eg at meetings with car industry & Gove. Does this dynamic kick in with local MPs? Doesnt seem to have so far


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“What you're doing…is mounting a rigorous left-wing case for a particular political point of view.” Gove'>Michael Gove responds to @C4Ciaran  asking him whether the Conservatives will build six or 40 new hospitals.

Right. its clear that Cummings,Johnson,Gove are hurling words around to distract from the main point....RELEASE THE RUSSIA REPORT. As tempting as it is to move on....please keep your eyes firmly on this.

Five minutes befor Gove turned up at C4 the Tories fed Buzzfeed the threat to revoke the channel's licence - ours is becoming a "managed democracy"

Oh my goodness. Gove'>Michael Gove has said people who have to use food banks have only got themselves to blame. Actually GASPED reading this.

Gove and Johnson, who unambiguously broke election law with Vote Leave, now want to stand to be leader of the Conservatives and so be Prime Minister. Retweet if you think they should be put on trial instead.

Please retweet if you think @DailyMailUK  should sack MichaelGove’s wife for this incendiary and irresponsible tweet

Vote Leave chairman Gove'>Michael Gove warns about the dangers of “throwing the country into a long period of uncertainty”. And irony quietly dies.

Farage, Rees Mogg, Gove, Johnson, Davis etc will no doubt be explaining why this is good news to all the Nissan workers they encouraged to vote Leave.

A reminder of some of the senior establishment figures who sat on the campaign committee of Vote Leave, which has just been fined by the Electoral Commission: Liam Fox Iain Duncan Smith Dominic Raab Michael Gove Boris Johnson Steve Baker Chris Grayling Priti Patel Lord Lawson

Complicated debate obvs but surely safe to say that if Farage Johnson and Gove think something is a good idea we can assume it isn't #remain