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Gov. Ron DeSantis says the state is making strides in correcting the widespread problems preventing tens of thousands from filing for unemployment benefits as some places are starting to see a decline in new #coronavirus  cases. #N13COVID19  #COVID19 

NEW: A newly released, rapid novel coronavirus test that can return results in five to 15 minutes is on its way to Miami’s public hospital after Gov. Ron DeSantis intervened on Jackson Health System’s behalf.

Facing employee furloughs and pay cuts because of declining revenues, some major Florida hospitals are asking Gov. Ron DeSantis for help.

Facing employee furloughs and pay cuts because of declining revenues, some major Florida hospitals are asking Gov. Ron DeSantis for help.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Monday that the state is taking exhaustive steps to address widespread state website problems that have prevented thousands from applying for unemployment benefits:

#Coronavirus : Evictions, foreclosures suspended as part of a new executive order by Gov. Ron DeSantis

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Testing has been a big focus of Florida’s coronavirus response and now Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to take those efforts even further by expanding the testing capabilities for COVID-19 antibodies.

In light of Holy Week, Gov. Ron DeSantis has a prayer for religious Floridians during the coronavirus pandemic: “Please keep God close, but please keep COVID-19 away.”

Gov. Ron DeSantis says he is putting more manpower and computer servers behind the state’s troubled unemployment system, as thousands of laid-off Floridians struggle to apply online

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Major improvements have been made to make it easier for Floridians to file for unemployment benefits, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced.


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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said religious services conducted in churches, synagogues and houses of worship are “essential business” and therefore exempt from this stay-at-home executive order

NEW: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced he would be signing an executive order urging those in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe Counties to stay home through “mid-May.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Tuesday that he would consider putting one in place if the White House told him to.” What does this cowardly remark even mean? Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. You’re inaction is going to kill Florida seniors.

The Villages, Florida's huge Republican-rich retirement community, is experiencing community spread of coronavirus more than a week after Gov. Ron DeSantis was criticized for his slow and cautious response

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday said he had no plans to issue a statewide stay-at-home order. Why? He says he hasn’t been told to do so by the White House task force.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just signed Bill banning Sanctuary Cities in State, & forcing all law enforcement agencies to cooperate with Federal Immigration authorities. Bill prohibits local Gov’t from enacting Sanctuary policies that protect undocumented immigrants... @FoxNews 

Among the documents Lev Parnas has handed over to the House Intelligence Committee: text messages with Rudy Giuliani, former Texas Rep. Pete Sessions, former Hill columnist John Solomon and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, sources familiar with the matter say.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — After an FBI briefing, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says Russian hackers gained access to voter databases in two Florida counties ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

JUST IN: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Tuesday after a meeting with FBI officials that Russian hackers successfully penetrated the election systems of two Florida counties in 2016.

Michael Ertel, the newly appointed secretary of state of Gov. Ron DeSantis, has resigned after photos emerged of him posing as a Hurricane Katrina victim in blackface at a private Halloween party 14 years ago

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