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Gotta love @Lj_era8  ❤️ The @Ravens  QB giving some time to the fans before TNF!

Green Day is nice and all but let's wrap this up I gotta go to bed and wake up at 6 AM to watch The Mandalorian

“I’ve gained at least six pounds.” “It’s gotta be seven by now.” @stephapstein  shines a light on MLB's unhealthiest week of the year

I don't have a lot of time I want to tell u how I got 300K see that link click it, no serious click I gotta go #smm  #socialmedia 

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-- @IzzyAndSpain  wants to know... With Home Alone, A Christmas Story, It's A Wonderful Life & National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation off the board (like R S T L N and E in Wheel of Fortune), what are your TOP FOUR, gotta-watch-'em-every-year Christmas flicks?

@hockeyesque  Gotta love watching John Ziegler stand there grinning while Billy Smith accuses Gretzky of diving then admits that he took a dive, all on national tv.

Bad people have gotta get better at acting.

That rat brought the whole family along to get fed. You gotta respect that.


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if koya makes music and release a single the cover definitely gotta be..

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sometimes you gotta close a door to open the window

1 final thanks AND gotta rep my boy JHope!Namjoon, all in good fun, all ❤️ for RM! Congrats on ‘18 Global Music Star! Thanks for #KCAletting  me 🎤💧 #DropTheMic 

Glad everyone's enjoying the album and hope u liked the carpool karaoke gotta love James

Thanks for all the lovely messages !! I've felt shit all day but all the get well soon stuff is cool :) I just gotta get right for the final

Guys, I've said it before and I'll say it again Ya can't keep driving this crazy, ya gotta be safe on the roads ! Seriously

I've been lucky enough to do some pretty amazing things, but that's gotta be up there huh? Loved it !

I'm not sure why at this hour but 'shade' is really making me laugh jokes are awful granted but u gotta say that term is hilarious