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A liberal activist group is launching a digital ad campaign targeting the Federalist Society, a conservative legal organization that has championed judges appointed by President Donald Trump, such as Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch.

Gorsuch to Federalist Society: Opponents may fire 'slings and arrows' but 'I'm still here'

Let's look at how many Federalist Society members (Leo's group) have landed Supreme Court gigs: Neil Gorsuch Samuel Alito John Roberts Clarence Thomas Antonin Scalia

Good morning. Leonard Leo of the Federalist Society has helped to pick and confirm THREE conservative Supreme Court justices (Alito, Roberts and Gorsuch). Now he's advising Trump on Kennedy's replacement. Trump isn't remaking the Supreme Court. Leo is.

Federalist Society announces that tonight’s speaker at main gala event is NOT Justice Kavanaugh, as might have normally been expected (it was Justice Gorsuch last year)

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Senate Judiciary Committee is hearing from 4th Circuit Trump nominee Allison Rushing today. She’s only *36* years old, Federalist Society member, Gorsuch & Thomas clerk, worked for anti-LGBTQ group Alliance Defending Freedom. Lining them up.

Wow Google is all in with the conservative Federalist Society which engineered the multi-decade effort to foster judges like Kavanaugh and Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. Facebook vice-president was in DC hearings to personally support Kavanaugh. Silicon Valley is so “liberal.”🙄

At Federalist Society, Miguel Estrada thanks “the petulant Democrats in the Senate” like kids who cannot wait for the two marshmallows - and hence they forced rules change over SCOTUS filibuster for Gorsuch. “Now they’re naked to their enemies.”

Just got pitched a Federalist Society post about the need for SCOTUS justices to avoid all SOTUs to reinforce separation of powers. But... Neil Gorsuch, a member of Federalist Society, a group key to his SCOTUS confirmation, dined with Sens. Cornyn and Alexander last month.

Off the bench, Gorsuch attracted some liberal criticism for speaking at the Trump hotel in DC, He then met with a rousing reception a few weeks later at the annual meeting of the Federalist Society, the influential conservative legal group: