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Haha. I love u #Beliebers. What should we google? Lol
you guys have broken Google, there is so many of you , they're in the middle fixing the problem, we'll be on soon
When someone at @Google hates just you specifically
Yesterday Google announced its UK tax bill will be just £50 million despite nearly £6 billion of sales in our country.

As our public services are being slashed, the Tories are letting an elite few get away with not paying their fair share.

We're not broke, we're being robbed.
4 months
This is PURE EVIL!!!!! I'm LIVID!!!! Satin is BUSY as a muuufucka. Spiritual Warfare in full effect.What side u on?
Fight Back... Repost!!!! For more info just google "slave trade in Libya"
I ask any corporations still involved with the NRA to google NRATV ads and watch their threats against my fiancé and others. Then watch their ads threatening others and inciting violence. And then ask why the hell they would be associated with a group encouraging violence.
Google is killing an absolutely critical protection for people in places like Iran, China, and Russia trying to reach uncensored news and chat. That this can slide without any opposition from US policy-makers is the epitaph on the US internet freedom agenda's grave.
Here's how old these companies will be turning in 2018:

Snapchat: 7 years
Uber: 9 years
Twitter: 12 years
Facebook: 14 years
Tesla: 15 years
Google: 20 years
Netflix: 21 years
Amazon: 24 years
Apple: 42 years
Intel: 50 years
HP: 79 years
Disney: 95 years
IBM: 107 years
US tech companies founded by 1st/2nd generation immigrants 🇺🇸

"When I google Harry Styles worst outfit, it's all the same picture.." 😆😂
@Harry_Styles At The BBC. 02/11 8pm on @BBCOne
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