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Twenty years ago today, the Good Friday Agreement, in Seamus Heaney’s words, “cleared a space for the miraculous.” I hope the people of Northern Ireland will continue to fill it, with an enduring peace, a strong democracy, and a growing economy—a truly shared future.
Twenty Good Fridays ago, something miraculous came together and the Good Friday Agreement was born. Let’s make sure Brexit doesn’t ruin it, and the peace and prosperity it helped deliver
"We told @theresa_may very directly that she was in breach of the Good Friday Agreement," says Sinn Fein President @GerryAdamsSF
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The Good Friday Agreement was a defining moment in Irish history which allowed peace to prevail.

My full statement here:
May I politely suggest that Brexiters familiarise themselves with at least the most basic undertakings & commitments of the Good Friday Agreement before commenting on Leo Varadkar’s negotiating position?
Ineluctable logic led everyone with the vaguest understanding of the issues to conclude that Brextremists would eventually have to start claiming that the Good Friday Agreement had to be broken.
But it’s still profoundly shocking to see it happening.
In a rush at the end of the programme we slightly mangled our correction about Jacob Rees-Mogg's assertion that Jeremy Corbyn voted against the Good Friday Agreement, he did in fact vote for the Good Friday Agreement, but against the Anglo-Irish Agreement.
FFS. Our PM is now begging the EU to put citizens’ safety ahead of ideology just as her cheerleaders at the Telegraph argue that the Good Friday Agreement should be sacrificed on the altar of Brexit.
PM not using “Good Friday Agreement” terminology again... even on 20th anniversary. twice in Commons since December she has replied to questions about GFA with reference to the “Belfast Agreement”... some unionists insist on this. But she was referring to “GFA” in October...
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