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The part of this Goldman Sachs chart of business investment that I circled is not what you want to see in an economy supposedly transformed from a 2% growth economy to a 3% growth economy.

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One question is whether policymakers will step in to boost home sales—a tried-and-true response to previous economic downturns. Nope, says Goldman Sachs: “We do not expect nationwide easing in the property market."

Random but interesting: An equal-weight basket of 20 stocks w/most exposure to China (per Goldman Sachs) is up 6% this month .. outpacing the major US indexes. China stock based ETFs are up 7% on average China-exposed stocks doing better than non-China exposed.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) has launched an impact equity fund to target five key pillars of sustainability. Read more @cwselector 

Peter Oppenheimer of Goldman Sachs says they can't rule out an equities correction due to risks from the coronavirus

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Here's why the Goldman Sachs econ team says the savings rate is still so elevated

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Goldman Sachs Has New Stock Plays for Healthcare Fans $ISRG $SYK $VAR


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Podesta emails show future Clinton cabinet may have already been stiched up by Goldman Sachs & Citi like Obama's was

We can confirm Ecuador cut off Assange's internet access Saturday, 5pm GMT, shortly after publication of Clinton's Goldman Sachs speechs.

The cost of Trump’s tariffs has fallen "entirely" on U.S. businesses and households, Goldman Sachs has said.

NEW book: Hillary Clinton: the Goldman Sachs speeches with an introduction by Assange & annotations:

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Trump is a total hypocrite. He campaigned saying I'm going to take on Wall Street, and then he hires the president of Goldman Sachs.

WikiLeaks obtained and released today an American journalism "holy grail" -- Hillary Clinton's Goldman Sachs transcripts. Three of them.

Trump attacked Wall Street on the campaign. Now he nominates a former Goldman Sachs executive to be Treasury secretary. What hypocrisy!

Trump has appointed a third Goldman Sachs executive to his economic team. One more and we get a free financial crisis!

Goldman Sachs’ president gets a $285 million exit package but no top Wall Street exec has been prosecuted. That’s how a rigged system works.