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US federal prosecutors on Tuesday accused three current and former bankers at Goldman Sachs, Moelis & Co and Centerview Partners of stealing information about clients to give to securities traders for cash

Malaysia has publicly demanded Goldman Sachs pay US$7.5 billion for its role in the 1MDB scandal. But privately, Malaysian negotiators are considering settling for a fraction of that. #YahooFinance 

JUST IN: Malaysia is privately discussing its Goldman Sachs penalty of around $2 billion to $3 billion over its role in the #1MDB  scandal, sources say. More @business :

Goldman Sachs sees a silver lining for South Africa: The economy is at its lowest point and the only way is up

(ICYMI on oil) - Goldman Sachs lowers forecast 2020 U.S. shale oil output growth

Goldman Sachs lowers 2020 US oil growth outlook | #OOTT  #crudeoil  * Goldman lowers 1 million b/d 2020 forecast to 700,000 b/d * US November shale output to grow by 1.14 million b/d on the year: EIA @BrianJScheid  story:

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@ranimolla  @acfouAlso  Goldman Sachs I believe was complicit in Cloudflare hiding its Sanctiins violations til last minute. I know I reported sanctions violations in Feb 2019 and forwarded information to Goldman Sachs at same time.

Goldman Sachs is bucking the consensus and embracing risky debt while everybody else heads for the hills

Last week, crypto exchange Poloniex was “spun out” from the Goldman Sachs-backed Circle into its own, international brand, highlighting a lack of interest in the digital asset trading more: #hodl  #business  #investing  #bitcoincash 

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The cost of Trump’s tariffs has fallen "entirely" on U.S. businesses and households, Goldman Sachs has said.

Trump is a total hypocrite. He campaigned saying I'm going to take on Wall Street, and then he hires the president of Goldman Sachs.

NEW book: Hillary Clinton: the Goldman Sachs speeches with an introduction by Assange & annotations:

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We can confirm Ecuador cut off Assange's internet access Saturday, 5pm GMT, shortly after publication of Clinton's Goldman Sachs speechs.

WikiLeaks obtained and released today an American journalism "holy grail" -- Hillary Clinton's Goldman Sachs transcripts. Three of them.

Podesta emails show future Clinton cabinet may have already been stiched up by Goldman Sachs & Citi like Obama's was

Trump attacked Wall Street on the campaign. Now he nominates a former Goldman Sachs executive to be Treasury secretary. What hypocrisy!

Trump has appointed a third Goldman Sachs executive to his economic team. One more and we get a free financial crisis!

Goldman Sachs’ president gets a $285 million exit package but no top Wall Street exec has been prosecuted. That’s how a rigged system works.