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🌟Golden Buzzer time🌟 Which young singer WON Alesha's Golden Buzzer in last year's #BGT ? 🤔

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Looking back at some of @Jrue_Holiday11 ’s top plays from this season, starting with the buzzer beater from the logo against Golden State 🎯

Take a look back at that joyous moment from #BGT  2019 when @flaketweet  were given @davidwalliams ' Golden Buzzer! 🌟

WOW!! I knew V.Unbeatable was special from the moment they walked on stage. Thank you for opening up the world to us, @v_unbeatable . You deserve this incredible moment. Congratulations to my Golden Buzzer on WINNING #AGTChampions 

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Be Free 🎶 Golden Buzzer act Giorgia Borg blew the Judges away with her original song 'Be Free' live at the #BGT  Semi-Finals 🤩

Good to see my golden buzzer from season 1 of #AGTChampions ! @SimonovaTV , this was beautiful!

Akshat Singh brought all the positivity to the #BGT  stage! ✨ What better way to brighten #HumpDay  than with his Golden Buzzer moment from @antanddec ? 💖

Baldwin misses long jumper at buzzer. HALF: #Butler  34, Seton Hall 28 Golden 12 points McDermott 5 points/5 rebounds Baldwin 7 points/5 assists


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The first #GoldenBuzzer  of the season and @itsgabrielleu 's first Golden Buzzer EVER! Kodi Lee is a STAR. ???

Comedian Kojo made Simon Cowell laugh SO much that he reached for the ? GOLDEN BUZZER ?Watch his hilarious performance and see why he's going straight to the semi-finals #BGT 

Zurcaroh got my GOLDEN BUZZER on !! They were flying through the air, making human windmill towers, and y’all - I WAS FEELIN IT! ht #AGTpremiereps ://

? FIRST GOLDEN BUZZER OF THE SERIES ? (we're not crying, YOU'RE crying) Flakefleet Primary School have a pass straight to the semi-finals #BGT  #BritainsGotTalent 

I'm doing a FOLLOW SPREE in honor of my Golden Buzzer on #AGT  tonight! RETWEET THIS and I'll follow bunch of you guys.

Wow! Watch as amazing Father-son duo score 's GOLDEN BUZZER with original song 'Lucky Ones'! ??? #BGT 

Absolutely delighted with my Golden Buzzer pick, and I can't wait to see what this charming,…

GOLDEN BUZZER ALERT! RT if you think @AmandaHolden  made the right decision. #BGT 

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Congratulations ElGammaPenumbra! Another golden buzzer sa #AsiasGotTalent  !! That's Pinoy Pride! Let's support El Gamma sa Grand Finals!

GOLDEN BUZZER! RT if you think @antanddec  made the right decision! #BGT