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Can someone cite which passage of the Bible God states it is a god-given right to own a gun? This guy is unbelievable and is clearly owned by the gun lobby. #NoRA 

“It cannot be denied that Constantine Maroulis has one of the great voices, one so rare and unbelievable that it could make an atheist believe in God@BroadwayWorld  🎭 . . . Review and Pictures by Stephen Mosher for…

New Swede Joakim Nygard on Connor McDavid: “Oh my God. Unbelievable. I knew he was good, but when you see him on the ice live, you can’t imagine how good he is. It’s sick.”

So we gasp in aww or wonder or surprise and when that happens ppl usually go “oh god, or oh my godddd, jesus.. or your preferred name” . And so, we believe in something so much that we only remember it when we see the unbelievable or the unexpected. Hmmpfff!!! Ogayyy!!!

Oh My God. That is the worst loss in the history of losses. How in the f-ck do you blow a six-run lead in the 9th. Unbelievable.

God just opened up so many crazy doors in my life in the past month that it’s actually completely unbelievable. Everything in my life is about to change in such a huge way and I’m beyond ready. Onwards and upwards, glory to glory. Grateful 🙌

SENSAAAAAAATIONALLLL....... What an unbelievable climax! Gripping, tense, absorbing. "Sam come here" I'm usually obedient but replied "I can't!" Fumble. Review muck ups. Crazy cricket. Thank God Leach went to Specsavers. #ENGvAUS 

Oh. My. God. These @Dodgers  are so unbelievable, they need to start playing home games at the freakin’ Magic Castle! #walkoffwin  #goblue 

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The tradition continues... and OH MY GOD! What an unbelievable day. We watched Tiger Woods win the Masters. Congratulations that was incredible to watch. History. #themasters  #tigerwoods 

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Last Selfie from the states for now. Thanks for all the love & unbelievable atmosphere at the games. God Bless All 😇

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Unbelievable. Corbyn's now denying saying 'stupid woman' to Theresa May. This is obviously a flagrant lie. Shocking that he is trying to dig himself into an even deeper hole. For God's sake - WE CAN SEE YOU SAYING IT. Come back to the House & profusely apologise.

That was an unbelievable munch !! .. God food is good ... :) missin home loads today tho ! Can't wait t come back to the uk !!x. :D x x x

Just seen the chart positions! Oh my god! U guys are incredible! Thank you for all the #1 's unbelievable! Best fans on the planet!

I love my fans! Your loyalty and support is unbelievable. I thank God for you... This albums for you

We were staying next to the Charlie Hebdo offices until this morning where there are now hostages. This is unbelievable. God help this ppl

@Gurl_u_craycray : That's not Beyoncé? oh my god that is unbelievable !!

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