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Last Saturday morning an evil coward entered the Tree of Life synagogue and murdered 11 Jews who were there to pray to God, including a 97 year old woman. Among his reasons for hating…

The old “We took God out of schools” argument... I’m sure God was in the Tree of Life synagogue (11 shot and killed, 7 injured). I’m sure God was present in the Oak Creek Sikh temple (6 shot and killed, 4 injured).

May the symbols of the nativity scene and the Christmas tree allow a reflection of God's light and tenderness to enter into family life. #Christmas 

And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden

Had to top and shape our trees this spring. Tree guy said “Trees that are too tall can topple easily! Gotta bring ‘em down in size!” Weeks later and they are bursting with new life. Sounds like a sermon to me. “Walk humbly before your God.” #PalmSunday 

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Buccos going all the way, I can feel this year. After Tree of Life Massacre, I went to synagogue and prayed. God is gonna give us a championship this year, he told me!

I met Harbi Devi in Khajuraho. She is 101 years old & is happy. She sells tea under an old tree. She is delightfully free spirited. Her smile is infectious. A brief chat with her can enrich your life permanently. May God give her long and healthy life. 🙏 #JaiHo  #HappyAttitude 

Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, of Tree of Life Synagogue, hears the screams of his congregation when he tries to sleep. He lies awake at night, wrestling with God and his conscience.

Tree of Life rabbi Jeffrey Myers reflects on what's happened since Saturday's shooting: "God is just giving me the strength. I can't even say I'm running on fumes. There are no fumes left in the tank."

The slaughter in Tree of Life synagogue was not random; it was the consequence of a heart filled with hate based on lies about Jews and who they are. They, like all of us, are beloved children of God.


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Our communities of faith are filled with love and peace. Today’s heinous attacks on Tree of Life synagogue perpetrated by anti-Semitism and hate will not shake our love for each other. May God’s grace be with the victims and their families.

My God #TreeofLife  synagogue in #Pittsburgh  is the loving, dignified place where my sister and I attended, and our parents taught, Sunday school; where I was bar mitzah; where my sister wore to class a velvet jumper my mother made; the deep Jewish roots of my own tree of life.

If an acorn can become an oak tree If a tiny egg can become an eagle A fetus can become a person Life in any form and at any stage is a creation of Almighty God He gave us dominion over trees and animals but not over human life Face it now or in eternity, but face it you will.

Ask God to shake your tree of life & everything that's not connected 2 him let it fall away & rid itself. This is yo year! Seize it. TRUTH

Line for the free anti-Trump reefer cigarettes at DuPont circle: "IT IS IN THE BIBLE, it's a tree of life!" Followed by "GOD MADE POT" chant

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