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What a very interesting tweet from Glenn Greenwald. You’re telling on yourself son

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Glenn Greenwald is traitorous scum and he should face justice.

"We are pleased to see this judge respect earlier decisions and decline to proceed with the criminal charges against Glenn Greenwald, but the narrow ruling offers little reassurance for investigative journalists who communicate with sensitive sources." @CPJAmericas ' @nsouthwick 

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A Brazilian judge has decided against prosecuting Glenn Greenwald for cybercrime 'for now'

Brazilian judge declines to move forward with charges against Glenn Greenwald "for now."

Brazilian Court Refuses To Move Forward With Bogus Charges Against Glenn Greenwald 'For Now'

Brazilian Judge Declines To Charge American Journalist Glenn Greenwald With Cybercrimes ‘For Now’

Brazilian Judge Declines to Move Forward With Charges Against Glenn Greenwald 'for Now' @MazMHussain  - @the_intercept )


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Breaking: Brazilian judge declines to move forward with charges against Glenn Greenwald "for now" by @mazmhussain 

The free press is never more important than when it exposes wrongdoing by the powerful. That is why President Bolsonaro is threatening Glenn Greenwald for the "crime" of doing journalism. I call on Brazil to end its authoritarian attack on press freedom and the rule of law.

The Brazilian government’s filing of criminal charges against the American journalist Glenn Greenwald is an increasingly familiar case of shooting the messenger and ignoring the message

Glenn Greenwald is accused of being part of a “criminal investigation” that hacked into the cellphones of prosecutors and public officials.

Our government must immediately condemn this outrageous assault on the freedom of the press, and recognize that its attacks on press freedoms at home have consequences for American journalists doing their jobs abroad, like Glenn Greenwald.

Rightwing columnist smacks journalist Glenn Greenwald on Brazil radio show

Glenn Greenwald and the Intercept are facing a wave of homophobia and threats for exposing Bolsonaro's government.

When Glenn Greenwald is right, he is right. How could CNN, MSNBC and CBS all be given the same false date? Everyone understands one mistake. But three of the same mistakes, by two separate sources?? The media still need to explain how this happened.

Glenn Greenwald says we shouldn't "just blindly and uncritically accept the claims of the intelligence community..."