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Live blog: Researchers at Dundee and Glasgow University have successfully identified a number of proteins created by #coronavirus  that can be used to find a way to treat it

Health Sec: From Monday car parking charges will be removed from Glasgow RI, Ninewells in Dundee and Edinburgh RI for next three months

From Monday 30 March, parking charges will be removed at Glasgow Royal, Edinburgh Royal and Ninewells, Dundee for three months @JeaneF1MSP 

The Edinburgh charge is £7.20 a day, Dundee is a flat £2.40, but Glasgow is up to £1.80 an hour

FM: "Thirdly, the objective of surveillance, to make sure we are able to monitor the prevalence of the infection across the population. Right now we have three labs, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee, that are operational. " #FMQs 

Cancelled: Aye Write book festival in Glasgow (this month) and Radio 1 Big Weekend in Dundee (in May). Also all political party spring conferences in Scotland, and May local elections in England

Craig is known to travel by bus to the Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen areas.

Cityfibre has revealed Glasgow and Dundee are set to become the latest to benefit from a full fibre network

The history of turning wind into electricity is newer, but not that new. Our hero is James Blyth, born in 1839 in Marykirk, near Dundee. His parents weren’t rich but he won a scholarship to study in Edinburgh and, in 1880 got a job as a professor at Anderson's College in Glasgow.

“Growing up in Dundee, Glasgow and the Gorbals always seemed quite frightening places. It was a big dark place with dark tenements. Once you get to know Glasgow, you do realise that it is a city of love. It’s a city of warmth and compassion.”


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And so it's launched! The 9th-11th August! Stage 1 Dundee to Dunfermline Stage 2 Glasgow to Perth Stage 3 Edinburgh to Edinburgh So excited, a UCI stage race in Scotland ☺️ #visitscotland  #peoplemakeglasgow  #cycling  #uci  #womenscycling 

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? Aberdeen major trauma centre was opened by today - centres in Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh are also being developed. Read more:

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. has confirmed Scotland's new social security agency will be based in Dundee and Glasgow. Read more:

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Tonight we're holding a #LabourLeadership  rally in Glasgow & tomorrow in Dundee. RSVP here →

Heading back to Glasgow with a @Clarks24hBakery  and The View blaring. Dundee, as fuck. Thanks to everyone who came to the signings today!

Only a yes in Glasgow/Dundee can win Scotland independence. @paulmasonnews  reports: #indyref 

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