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Little America premiers tomorrow with a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes (!) but I give it a 110% and can’t wait for you to watch!

[NEW VIDEO] In #TFTT  24, I give my thoughts on the current state of pro wrestling in America & share my opinion on what I think a pro wrestling TV show needs in 2020. I also talk which wrestling legend I wish I could have wrestled, TV shows & more. ENJOY!

2/ America has a history of Presidents appointing family members to positions of power dating back to John Adams. But it is rare for a President to give such power to a family member with no policy experience

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Health care. Gun safety. Fair wages. A healthy planet. Election security. We know what’s at stake this November. That’s why we’re ready to unite behind our eventual nominee and give them the tools and infrastructure they need to defeat Donald Trump and move America forward.

‘Let’s Give Them Money’: Could Guaranteed Income Be a Solution to Wealth Inequality? / The first episode of our new podcast about guaranteed income, deservedness, and the country America can and should be.Via @thenation 

Dear @SenateGOP  @HouseGOP  @GOP  @senatemajldr  @GOPLeaderLeader  , happen to che @maddowk  out tonight? Are you interested in law and constitution and America at all??? Give it a viewing.

Trump lectures corporate America on its past caving on technology transfer. “You don’t have to give up anything anymore. Just be strong.”

"My administration is working to give school choice to every child in America who needs it." -DJT

The end of my friend @CoryBooker  presidential campaign is not, as pundits say, because his message of love did not resonate but because voters saw him as inauthentic. It began with his politically expedient vote to give genocidal #Iran  $150 billion, endangering Israel & America.

I don’t usually give gambling advice, but I’m really feeling the Tigers are not only going to cover tonight but that they will flat-out win. You’re welcome, America. #CFPNationalChampionship 


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Just had the best week in South America. The dedication and love I get from you guys is incredible so I wanted to give something back and show you how much you mean to me. After all.... it’s the ‘little things’

Happy Birthday Whoopi! Give my best to your fugitive friend Roman! And thanks for hating on me and KG so much, it got me to #1  NYT best seller. You’re welcome for the highest ratings in months, perhaps have someone on the show who doesn’t hate America? #TRIGGERED  #1 

Never give up, never give in, never give out. Keep the faith and keep your eyes on the prize. Each and every vote matters. Do your part and vote like you’ve never voted before. Believe in the power of love and together we will build the Beloved Community here in America.

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free... We hold these truths to be self-evident... With malice towards none, with charity for all... Pres Trump believes none of this. He betrays America's best values. His enablers look on in damning silence.

What would federal judge do if Acosta "challenged" him in his courtroom and argued and wouldn't shut up when judge told him to and refused to give up mic when bailiff tried to retrieve it? Asking for a friend. And for half of America.

America’s greatest treasure is our people – and my Administration HEARS YOUR VOICE and HAS YOUR BACK. We are fighting to give every American a future of dignity, purpose and pride. AMERICAN SPIRIT is back! #TaxCuts 

Democrats are kidding themselves (they don’t really believe it!) if they say you can stop Crime, Drugs, Human Trafficking and Caravans without a Wall or Steel Barrier. Stop playing games and give America the Security it deserves. A Humanitarian Crisis!

.....years and $30 million, and they found No Collusion, No Obstruction. But the Democrats, no matter what we give them, will NEVER be satisfied. A total waste of time. As has just stated, “Enough, America has had enough. What have you accomplished. Public is fed up.”

I don’t give two french fries about what serves at the . But we should all care about what food is on the tables of America’s 800,000 federal workers who aren’t being paid right now. #TrumpShutdown 

The Left in 1 week: -Anti-Semitic comments -Release criminals from ICE detention -Give taxpayer money to people “unwilling to work” AND won’t stand when says “All children—born and unborn—are made in the holy image of God” and “America will never be a Socialist country.”