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We wrote it at Lympne Castle. It's right next to a Port Lympne Safari Park where there are Lions, Giraffes and Zebras. The walk to the pub was literally past a Water Buffalo field. Nice pub walk. - Noble@Tim_Burgess  #timstwitterlisteningparty  #britishseapower 

Outrage as South Africa law change could put elephants and giraffes on dinner table

Did you know that you can go on a safari while you shelter in place? Take a virtual trip through @SafariWest  in Santa Rosa with "Zoomfari in Place" and see giraffes, lemurs, zebras and more!

There are only 111,000 giraffes in the wild and until recently few researchers have studied them, so even basic aspects of their lives remain mysterious.

@Eminem , the man who once threatened to 'Kill You', is afraid of giraffes

Photos of the Week: Recovering from COVID-19 in Mexico City, a midday cannon in St. Petersburg, protests in Minneapolis, tennis training in France, giraffes in Nairobi, sunrise at the Grand Canyon, and much more—via @TheAtlPhoto :

Bucs' Todd Bowles said safeties will have individual strengths and weaknesses and they'll try to use all of them in ways that suit what they do best: "We let elephants be elephants and giraffes be giraffes."

‘MAKAZI YA TWIGA’: The Chattanooga Zoo invited the public to see the new herd of giraffes for the first time on Tuesday. #CHAnews 


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Giraffes are now on the 'red list' of endangerment due to a 40% decline over the last 25 years. They could become extinct. Gone forever. And still, we allow spoilt cunts to pay money to shoot them with a bow and arrow for fun.

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Two rare white giraffes, a female and her calf, were killed by poachers in Kenya. The deaths of the giraffes left just one of the unusually colored animals in the country’s wild.

Two rare white giraffes were killed by poachers in Kenya, say conservationists. The dead bodies of the mother and calf were found by rangers. Another white giraffe is alive, though it's believed to be the last one in the world. 📷: @AFP  / Ishaqbini Hirola Community Conservancy

Grab a ?! It's #ReadABookDay ! I vote for "Giraffes Can't Dance" by Giles Andreae & Guy Parker-Rees! I ❤️ed reading w/ Bookaboo!

Cheetahs, giraffes & elephants are all facing extinction.

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What if giraffes could talk, it's just humans know they aren't supposed to, so the giraffes just don't want to scare us... #giraffescare  ❤️

yo btw everybody....I'm chillin right now lol . I'm Not mad @ anyone or anything, ice cream dates with giraffes would be cool ((idk))