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EU have tried to have Brexit ‘their own way’, Tory MP Gillian Keegan tells @krishgm .

“This was 20 years ago, Boris has been a public figure for many, many years” says Gillian Keegan'>Tory Gillian Keegan, “why would this accusation come out now?” She says she doesn’t know if she believes Charlotte Edwardes' allegation against Mr Johnson#politicslive 

Tory MP Gillian Keegan tells @krishgm  re Johnson groping claims: ‘I've no reason not to believe him’

“They’re both trying to, in a way….dance to the tune set by Nigel Farage.” Conservative MP Gillian Keegan says Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt “need to be honest with the public” over the effects of a no-deal Brexit.

Tory MP Gillian Keegan tells @jonsnowC4  Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are ‘trying to dance to tune set by Nigel Farage’

Government of national unity over Brexit? “You lot have failed to do it” Lib Dem Ed Davey “I voted for it three times” Gillian Keegan'>Conservative Gillian Keegan “Fair to assume that Ed and Gillian won’t be in a government” Labour’s Stephen Kinnock#politicslive 

Gillian Keegan, who backs Rory Stewart in the Tory leadership campaign “Who would have thought there was a market for honesty in politics? But it seems people really love it” #PoliticsLive 

"He's basically been very honest about what we face as a country and how he's going to get us through it" Gillian Keegan explains why she thinks there has been an increase in support for Rory Stewart Latest:

Good to hear Gillian Keegan, MP for Chichester, getting behind Rory Stewart for the next Prime Minister. It’s time for a new approach! Let’s give a public school Oxbridge PPE a chance for a change.


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As Labour launches its EU election campaign, says the party won't come on and t #politicslivelk  about it He then asks Tory MP Gillian Keegan if her party is having a manifesto. She says: "I don't know" Elections are due on 23 May

Who has worked in a real job? “I am not a career politician – you are career spouters of information” Gillian Keegan to panellists on “working at the coalface” Brexit Party’s Martin Daubney: “My dad worked on a real coalface” #politicslive 

“You make it sound like the Wild West” - Tory MP Gillian Keegan had listed the England and Wales crime stats, then asked her: “In what way can your party ever claim with that record to be the party of law and order?” #politicslive 

"Referendums for such a complex question perhaps is not the right instrument." Conservative MP Gillian Keegan says she would oppose having a second referendum because the options are "too complex". We are live on YouTube: #GroundhogMay 

BREAKING: Sajid Javid says government is "piloting a scheme to bring in workers from outside the EU" to work in the soft berry industry, after being asked what post Brexit assurances he could give to berry farmers by Gillian Keegan, Tory MP, Chichester