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Fun weekend exercise: Retroactively award the new @PulitzerPrize  for Audio Reporting for the past several years. Like, @serialSeason  1 would win for 2014, right? @InTheDarkAPMS2  for 2018? Or Caliphate? S-Town for 2017? The Giant Pool of Money for 2008?

ACTUAL FIRST SENTENCE: “Why do liberals think rich people have money just lying around, like Scrooge McDuck swimming in a giant pool of gold coins?”

The Obstacle Between Credit and a Giant Pool of Money

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I’m sorry, guys, but Giant Pool of Money/Planet Money relies on storytelling. So did Berkes’s Shuttle Explosion and black lung exposes. And Serial Season 3 on criminal justice. Not how I define myself. But reaches audiences on vital matters. All about what you’re doing with it.

I loved Giant Pool of Money, and wrote a post about it. As I have said to others in this thread, nonfiction narrative with a strong sense of story and high standards in factuality can be done. And is done. I don't think that alters the point I am making.

#1 The show that inspired it all happened on This American Life: The Giant Pool of Money. NPR and talk to the people behind the 2008 housing crisis.

With the Mega Millions jackpot at a record $1.6 billion, it may make perfect sense to pool money with co-workers or friends to increase the chance of winning a giant payday. But "with this many zeros attached to it, it is a recipe for disaster."

With the record Mega Millions jackpot now at a record $1.6 billion, it may seem like perfect sense to pool money with co-workers or friends to increase the chance of winning a giant payday.

I finally had the confidence to take a few months away from my day job (at great risk) to do the Giant Pool of Money at Once that was done, I had a proof of concept: there is an audience for substantive, non-incremental reporting. 5/

It never fails. Behind every raging anti-tax, self-reliant millionaire is a giant pool of public money.


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Sometimes there are specific media moments. (I will flatter myself by pointing to The Giant Pool of Money and The Big Short, both of which I worked on.) Other times, its simply the accumulation of ugly truths, as in Vietnam, Watergate, Iraq. 2.

2/ Look I know everybody's rusty on the Financial Crash. Read/Watch "The Big Short." Listen to "Giant Pool of Money"