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Germany’s highest court overturned a ban on organized medically assisted suicide, allowing terminally and gravely ill patients to seek help ending their lives without leaving the country

OUCH! #Germany ’s Dax plunges 12.4% on the week, worst performance since Aug2011.

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Germany’s constitutional brake against taking on too much public debt has served the country well and should be preserved, Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann says via @CraigStirling  @MG_Miller 

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Deutsche Bank 1/3: Looking at the day ahead, we have a raft of data releases out. Highlights include the preliminary CPI reading for February for Germany, France and Italy, as well as France’s final GDP reading for Q4 and Germany’s unemployment change for February.

Chilling. do we never learn? Germany’s Highest Court Creates Right to ‘Self-Determined Death’ @forcedexit 

A top contender in Germany’s CDU party trolls Bernie Sanders by throwing shade at his age and heart

Another shining night for Germany‘sDE representatives in Europe. Excellent from Leverkusen in going to Porto and winning & superb from Wolfsburg who had work to do in Malmö. Let’s see if Eintracht can finish the job tomorrow and join them in R16. #EuropaLeague 

We caught up with Germany’sFrederic Wandres at the FEI Dressage World Cup at Gothenburg Horse Show last weekend to get the low-down on his hopes for the season and how he prepares his cherished chestnut Duke for dressage success! 🐴


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According to Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, far-right extremists committed 10,105 violent crimes in the last decade, as well as 83 murders since 1990. In comparison, Islamist terrorists killed 17 people in the same period. via @bopanc  @WSJ 

Thieves have broken into Germany’s largest collection of historic treasures and stolen a cache of antique jewellery and precious stones with a total reported value of a billion euros

In 1938, Churchill published a series of speeches warning of Germany’s rising menace, “While England Slept.” Today, one of America’s major parties is asleep, as a rising tide of authoritarianism threatens to submerge many of the world’s great capitals. My speech on the Floor:

In 2018, renewables overtook coal as Germany’s main energy source

This letter from ALL of Germany’s political leaders is such a brilliant example of what Europe is all about (and how much has changed in 2/3 generations). And what a mature contrast to half baked, narrow minded, crabbed, self-pitying soundbites in the Brexit debate.

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Despite Trump’s lies, Angela Merkel is Germany’s favorite politician and crime there is the lowest in a generation. That is real leadership, Ms. Merkel!Americans remain grateful for Germans’ strong friendship that helped win the Cold War! ?? ??

BREAKING: Leroy Sane has not been included in Germany’s World Cup squad ??

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Germany’s new World Cup kit throws it back to the 90s ?