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@nicolasF24  @FRANCE24The  First Congo War started in 1996 and lasted until 1997: #Rwandasought  to topple #Mobutubecause  he had provided safe haven for Hutu killers after the genocide. With Uganda and its allies, it helped rebel leader #Kabiladepose  Mobutu. , #REPORTERS  Sat at 9:10pm Paris Time ⤵️

Have promised myself I Won’t EXPLODE?Till After New Year, About trump Apologizing To turk Pres.Erdogan.trump Told HimThere Was No Armenian Genocide.Guess trump Didn’t Help Erdogan commit Genocide on Our Allies “THE KURDS. NOPE… HE DID?

Turkey decries a decision by the U.S. House of Representatives to recognize the mass killings of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire as genocide, with President Tayyip Erdogan saying the resolution will damage ties between the NATO allies

Don't preach to us, Turkey's president lectures US Congress, after House passes recognition of Armenian Genocide resolution, escalating the rift between the NATO allies. @PatrickKingsley 

I told press the House will vote today on a Turkey sanctions bill. Turkey’s actions in Northern Syria are of great concern to the US & our NATO allies. The House will also vote to recognize the Armenian genocide, an important action to help preclude genocide from occurring again.

The Turkish government and its allies are warning Congress of “permanent negative resentment” between Turkey and the US if the House recognizes the Armenian genocide this week by @atallmanonearth 

Trump Towers Istanbul. The reason Trump betrayed our allies the Kurds? The Kurds lost 11,000 soldiers fighting ISIS. We lost 17. The Kurds fought ISIS for us. We owe them more than genocide. But Trump Towers Istanbul...

Now that Trump has unleashed genocide by betraying our allies in Syria, it’s time to stop thinking of him as a petty grifter from Queens who bumbled his way into the presidency with Russia’s help. The GOP is propping up a Kremlin asset who is committing crimes against humanity.

Protesters outside of President Trump’s rally in Dallas are chanting: “We want Turkey out of NATO.” Other chants include: “Turkey funded ISIS. Turkey kills babies.” “Stop the Turkish genocide, support your Kurdish allies.”

Adding insult to betrayal and genocide, the racist freakshow in the White House says our former allies, the Kurds, are “not angels.”


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trump Has Always Wanted To Turn Our KURDISH ALLIES Over To Erdogan.trump Knows Erdogan Will Massacre Kurds. (Turkish Gov.Quite Proficient At Genocide) Trump Thinks He Can Wash His Hands Of Kurds Blood.. IN ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER CORRUPT LEADER THOUGHT HE COULD”WASH HIS HANDS”

One of the most shameful episodes of American history is about to take place: the genocide of our staunch former allies, the Kurds, in the fight against ISIS. [photo via @AFP ]

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So just to reiterate the current US foreign policy: BAD - Aiding stalwart allies who have been helping keep ISIS under check for years, leaving them vulnerable to genocide. GOOD - Helping a government who dismembered a US journalist with billions in weapons and troops.

Kim K will absolutely be the one to get Trump to do a tweet officially recognizing the Armenian genocide, to the chagrin of allies on Capitol Hill and in his admin