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"Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted" (Mt 5:4). Wise and blessed is the person who welcomes the pain that comes with love, because they will receive the consolation of the Holy Spirit,who is God's tenderness who forgives and corrects #GeneralAudience #Beatitudes

May the Holy Spirit revive in each of us the call to be courageous and joyful evangelizers. #GeneralAudience 

This year, the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is dedicated to the theme of hospitality. #GeneralAudience 

#PopeFrancis urges us to cling to Christ who will sustain us in all our trials. #GeneralAudience 

#FOSI 2019 speaker @CSWilsonFTC  explained the FTC's recent action to hold YouTube accountable under the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act. "If general-audience sites gain knowledge that user-generated content on their platforms is targeted at children," then COPPA applies.

#PopeFrancis urges us to let ourselves be amazed by God’s surprises and creativity. #GeneralAudience 

@jflier  Publishers do zero fact checking for most general-audience books, including those that make factual claims relating to health. That's part of why there's so much nonsense out there, and also why we created Red Pen Reviews.

@TamarHaspel  I think this whole discussion has a strong pedantic undercurrent. When someone says "don't eat processed food " in a general-audience setting, everyone but the pedants understands they aren't referring to steamed broccoli or filleted salmon.

#PopeFrancis arrives at the Paul VI audience hall for the 1st #generalaudience  after the summer break

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#PopeFrancis says pride is one of the most dangerous sins lurking in the human heart. #GeneralAudience 

#PopeFrancis thanks God and all those who helped make #WYD2019  in Panama a success. #GeneralAudience 

#PopeFrancis tells pilgrims to be on their guard against hypocrisy. #GeneralAudience 

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#PopeFrancis said the temptation to idolatry comes from an inability to trust completely in God. #GeneralAudience