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“Our troops don’t want to die, but what makes them different is they are willing to," Ret. General Jack Keane. #DDay
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"That’s rubbish": General Jack Keane responds to Russia’s warning after the U.S. shot down a Syrian warplane.
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General Jack Keane says he thinks @POTUS is trying to return America to a leadership role on the world stage again.
.@CarlyFiorina lists Jack Keane as a general who "was retired early" because he told Obama things he didn't want to hear. He retired in 2003
General Jack Keane says "I'm done with the conversation" when @KayBurley asks about Donald Trump's treatment of war widow Myeshia Johnson
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General Jack Keane: "North Korea has become a global pariah."
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General Jack Keane: “The threat [of ISIS] is expanding and we have no strategy to stop it.”
General Jack Keane: “Clearly, the most qualified there is David Petraeus.” #First100
General Jack Keane on how @POTUS is doing in national security and foreign policy: I give him pretty good marks. I think it begins with the national security team he's picked...they know what they're doing, they have some background and some experience.
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