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Gema, a service dog who worked at Orlando airport for nearly five years, gets retirement party of a lifetime.
After 5 years of service at Orlando airport, Gema the K-9 was honored with a retirement party! #HappyRetirementGema
This is Gema, dog employee at Orlando International Airport, at her retirement party
Gema Collins has just said she'll never do another TV show ever. That's a verbal contract that is binding in any court of law #ImACeleb
Please see and retweet this important link about today's severe weather... #gawx #flwa #nwsjax #gema #FDEM #tornado
i can't watch my own fuckin video because I'm in fuckin Germany!! and the fucking GEMA is fucking blocking EVERYTHING! FUUUCK!!!
GEMA says Civil Emergency Alert was a mistake. Should have said Winter Weather Alert. Do not be alarmed.
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