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Paul Gascoigne says he used to think news stories on the Gaza Strip were about him
Israelis cheer as rockets start to rain down along the #Gaza strip. @CNNVideo:
A Hamas tunnel has recently been discovered under two schools in the Gaza Strip. Hamas is using schoolchildren as human shields.
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As Donald Trump arrives in Israel, sources say he’s devastated to discover the Gaza Strip isn’t a gentlemen’s club.
Malaysia condemns the Israeli Defence Force air strikes on the Gaza Strip, and calls for an immediate cessation of military operations.
Residents of Gaza are tweeting #GazaUnderAttack after the strip was bombarded by Israel.
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A short while ago, a rocket was launched from the northern Gaza Strip. The rocket exploded mid-air. No injuries have been reported.
Gaza's last power plant turned off due to fuel crisis, leaving the strip in a complete blackout

A MASSIVE RIOT is erupting. Suddenly, a Pepsi truck approac
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