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The study cited here by Gateway Pundit is a 2014 senior thesis by a Bryant University student that has absolutely nothing to do with the coronavirus.

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Trump rebutted Cuomo's pleas for ventilators by reading the headline of this Gateway Pundit article which injected "death panels" into an original article by Fox News ContributorBetsy McCaughey. Trump's claim was not questioned by Fox News.

What Gateway Pundit (and Trump) Got 'Wrong' About NY Gov Andrew Cuomo and Ventilators

Oh good lord: "Trump appeared to be reading, word-for-word, a March 22 headline on the Gateway Pundit, a conservative website."

hall." () ; During the town hall, Trump compared the coronavirus to the flu, saying, “We’ve never closed down the country for the flu.” Trump also read an excerpt from the Gateway Pundit, “a fringe outlet with a long history of peddling right-wing

3. An article about the Messonnier conspiracy theory on Gateway Pundit, a propaganda site that has been credentialed by the White House, has been shared over 1400 times on Facebook and 12K times on Twitter

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EXCLUSIVE: '60 Minutes' Pushes Complete BS on the American Public Again in a Shoddy Crowdstrike Segment While Smearing President Trump and The Gateway Pundit via @gatewaypundit 


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New from Jim Hoft - Gateway Pundit@gatewaypundit  TRUMP Surges with Black Voters After Pointing Out the Obvious on ‘Rat-Invested’ Baltimore

Paging Alyssa Milano! Please have your metoo mob outside Cory Office Monday morning: BREAKING: Man Steps Forward with Sexual Assault Allegations against Sen. Cory Booker -- With Lawyer's Response to Gateway Pundit via

Trump’s tweet from last night saying the FBI investigation began in December 2015 has no basis in fact, as the texts cited don’t back up his contention. Claim went from Reddit-Twitter-Gateway Pundit-Fox. Then Trump saw it on Fox and tweeted. w/

Facebook Censors Gateway: Shut Down Gateway Pundit Today Because of Our Conservative Beliefs... Where are Republicans, Conservatives...Americans? #MAGA  #TrumpTrain  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

We've been tracking the smears against the student survivors of the Parkland massacre since Monday. It's gone from Gateway Pundit to Trump Jr. to a former Congressman to Fox News. Now it is being pushed by an NRA board member

Facebook has put The Gateway Pundit at the top of its feed today. Google News promoted a 4chan thread. Silicon Valley, we have a problem.

Donald Trump retweeting Bill Mitchell linking to the Gateway Pundit. This is the pure uncut good stuff, snort it right up your nose.

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Gateway Pundit, a conservative site known for spreading hoaxes, joins the White House press briefing room

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