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BREAKING NEWS. Corona VACCINE the new GOLD. BIll Gates announce his vaccine begins human testing today. SURPRISED? I’m not. Pandemic fishy. TRUMP in. Trump needs to get economy going to win re-election. Gates will make trillions. Elites will make vaccination mandatory. Fishy.

PLANNEDDEMIC? Anyone see the irony of the man who created the most hacked operating system most susceptible to computer viruses is now selling a human vaccine? Gates pro vaccines for years. Today, on my birthday, he begins human testing. PLANNEDDEMIC? Fishy. VIRUS IN OUR MINDS

The Bill and Gates Foundation'>Melinda Gates Foundation has donated $100 million to aid global detection, isolation, and treatment of COVID-19. More than half of it has gone towards developing vaccines, treatment, and diagnostics #ForbesBillionaires 

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TOMORROW: Don't miss Gates' alt='BillGates' /'>@BillGates . Starting at 6A ET, @BeckyQuick  speaks with him about responding to the #coronavirus  pandemic, what the Gates Foundation is doing and how he is thinking as an investor.

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Please join us Thursday morning on @SquawkCNBC ⁩ for a conversation with Bill Gates. What he’s learned about #COVID19 , what the Gates Foundation is doing to help, and what he’s thinking as an investor.

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'It's time to take it serious' | Mecklenburg County closing gates to car traffic at local parks

I wonder if they are going to put 5g towers right next to Bill Gates house and the white house 🤔

Society will be better off because Bill Gates is the one spending his billions rather than having to turn them over to the ministrations of the U.S. Congress.


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1. I thought Gates favored a national shutdown. Now he says the death rate will be less than predicted. For weeks I’ve questioned these predictions, and for weeks the leftwing media frauds have attacked what I’ve been saying.

T 3478 - India has created HISTORY .. !! #JanataCurfew  an unbelievable success .. and at 5 pm .. the entire country on their balconies roof tops gates and doors applauding the true heroes of the Nation .. NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS ! I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN JAI HIND IN

Gates'>Kevin Gates says he decided to lose weight after a baby tried to suck on his chest: "I had my shirt off and I was holding my patna's baby and his baby tried to suck my breast."

Bill Gates told us today’s Coronavirus news — in 2015...

Bill Gates says we can’t restart the economy soon and simply “ignore that pile of bodies over in the corner”

As we celebrate Black History Month and Jackie Robinson’s 100th birthday, we celebrate the life of all whose courage opened the gates for everybody, and in the process, made America better.

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Say Bill Gates was actually taxed $100 billion. We could end homelessness and provide safe drinking water to everyone in this country. Bill would still be a multibillionaire. Our message: the billionaire class cannot have it all when so many have so little.