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Talking about food with this dude! It's not magic... It's gastronomy. ;) @BillNye
On Sunday's Sustainable Gastronomy Day, have a look at @FAOnews' 9 tips on how to reduce food waste:
BREAKING: French gastronomy legend Paul Bocuse has died at the age of 91.
Chocolate and #truffle lovers? Known as the "black diamonds of gastronomy", truffle helps boost #tourism in Istria, a heart-shaped peninsula in #Croatia, and also known as the truffle capital of the world
Gaziantep has recently became the first &only Turkish city to be designated as a @UNESCO Creative City in Gastronomy
Father of gastronomy Paul Bocuse dies aged 91
This #SustainableSunday is also Sustainable Gastronomy Day!
Here are few ways to live sustainably:
Blasphemy and gastronomy have long gone hand in hand.
#Get2KnowFrance : #Lyon is the world capital of gastronomy, boasting over 2,000 restaurants ranging from Michelin-starred institutions to small, humble "bouchons" (traditional Lyonnais bistros) 🍽️
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