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Throwing out of 11 personnel, 2019: Jared Goff -- 171 for 270, 2,091 yards, 1,054 air yards, 9 TD, 7 INT. Gardner Minshew -- 161 for 263, 1893 yards, 952 air yards, 11 TD, 3 INT. Now, who's getting benched again?

Gardner Minshew went 4-4 in his eight starts with the Jaguars, picking up wins over the Tennessee Titans, Denver Broncos, Cincinnati Bengals and New York Jets.

Busy news day. Cam Newton, Desean Jackson, Malcolm Butler, Trumaine Johnson all go on IR. Gardner Minshew gets benched for Nick Foles. And Chargers owner says report of his team moving to London is "F*%&# Bull#*%!"

Gardner Minshew Will Not Start In Week 11

Not a surprise: Jaguars going back to Nick Foles What would be a surprise: Gardner Minshew not making another start this season (barring a Foles playoff run)

Baker Mayfield is just Gardner Minshew but with three kids and an office job.


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Uncle Rico 🤝 Gardner Minshew You better believe these two guys can throw a football over them mountains.

Gardner Minshew taking some time to meet with a fan 🙏 Love to see stuff like this. (via @Jaguars )

Gardner Minshew wants to inspire people to grow a proper mustache 👨

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This is it: Uncle Rico x Gardner Minshew A story of two gifted QBs from the Pacific Northwest. Sunday on NFL Countdown 🎬

"Believe it or not, breaking your hand is pretty dumb." Gardner Minshew reflected on the time he tried to break his own hand in college.

Gardner Minshew met the real Uncle Rico 🤣 “How much you wanna bet I can throw a football over them mountains?” @brgridiron  (via @Jaguars )

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Jags rookie QB Gardner Minshew used to do arm-band stretches in his jockstrap (or naked) with sunglasses and a headband in the Washington State locker room. (via @JaysonJenks , H/T @BrianMFloyd )

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Per @MikeGarafolo , #Jaguars  starting QB Gardner Minshew III stretches in the pre-game locker room in nothing but a jockstrap. Again, our hero