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UN Secretary-General @antonioguterres  sees the 64th session of the Commission on the Status of Women an ”opportunity to galvanize the momentum for gender equality and women rights”. #GenerationEquality  #CSW64 

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To galvanize mental, spiritual, and physical fortitude while we keep social distancing top of mind, here’s what @BigFitGirl  is doing and telling her clients to do to work on how to relax in the coming weeks.

'I think this moment we’re in right now is the prime example why there needs to be a voice for players, and ideally it would be a union. Maybe this is the moment that helps galvanize that kind of effort.' -- on organizing minor-leaguers for a common cause.

Think of county as a great football team that just got caught off guard and got it ass kicked in a game . The great team will galvanize refocus unify and start kicking everyone’s butt again . Our country is that great team!

Baseball seems trivial with everything currently going on in the world, but sport has always held the power to bring people together and galvanize communities. That is, after all, one of the reasons why the sports world has been put on hold. Sports are a powerful unifier.

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#Pandemic @WHOofficials  explain what the characterization ~ not a declaration ~ of #coronavirusmeans : to galvanize a call for action ⁦ @DrTedros  ⁦ @CBSNews /UnitedNations

Sanders warned Dems against the perils of nominating a candidate who fails to galvanize young voters. "Today, I say to the Democratic establishment: In order to win in the future, you need to win the voters who represent the future of our country"

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I think this is a day for We the Women to think about how we can use our voices to galvanize change. How we can use our voices in a way that matches this moment and takes advantage of this moment to move us forward as one human race. #InternationalWomensDay 

The days of discreet buttons and yard signs are over. But as campaigns put a lot of effort into attempting to galvanize support using merchandise, the results have been mixed

Inside the fight for black inclusion at Whittier College, whose most famous alum, Richard Nixon, rode to victory in 1968 election thanks in part to the divisive “Southern strategy,” using racially coded appeals to galvanize white voters. by @campadresports 


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“What you need in a politician is you need someone with a vision. You need somebody who can galvanize people. And you need someone who can’t be bought. And there is nobody that has those three qualities in greater abundance than Bernie Sanders.” – @CynthiaNixon 

2/ Well in terms of who it is not, in his view, keep in mind that Buttigieg said the night of the Nevada caucus: “I believe the best way to defeat Donald to broaden and galvanize the majority that supports us on critical issues....

NBA insider @ShamsCharania  reports Josh Richardson led a players-only meeting Wednesday to galvanize the team.

The reason that the House Democrats' efforts have failed to galvanize the public is because the Speaker of the House very clearly does not WANT the public galvanized on impeachment. End of story.

Opinion by @pradip103  | #ModiWave2 .0 was not created after the Balakot airstrike, it was a relationship built with every passing day since May 26, 2014. His welfare policies helped him galvanize votes among women across caste lines.

There are insidious forces every day that are trying to make it harder for people to vote, trying to drown out our voices with big money. It’s time to organize. Time to galvanize. Time to take back our democracy. It’s time, America!

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"My colleagues & I are often asked by constituents: what can we do? The answer is stand up and speak out. It’s a call to action. Mobilize your neighbors and galvanize the American public" - in the Democratic Weekly Address#WhatsAtStake 

Liberal harassment of Trump aides & GOP officials will galvanize#GOP  base in Nov,but it’s terrible for America. Only matter of time before other side responds in kind. At this rate Putin doesn’t really need to worry too much anymore about sowing division

I so admire you, #StonemanDouglas  students for turning your sickening loss into constructive action on behalf of all the victims of senseless gun violence You’ve helped galvanize a nation behind desperately-needed change. Keep it up. You give us hope! #marchforourlives 

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I get politics of @POTUS  order. It'll galvanize & inflame. But it won't make America safer. It will make America smaller & more vulnerable.