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Patients who had had successful TAVR randomized to either a rivaroxaban-based antithrombotic regimen or an antiplatelet-based regimen. At 17 mos, death or thromboembolic complications occurred more frequently w/ rivaroxaban. See the GALILEO trial. #AHA19 

In GALILEO substudy of patients undergoing 4D CT, leaflet thickening and reduced leaflet motion at 90 days were less common with rivaroxaban, but rivaroxaban associated with a higher risk of death or thromboembolic events. See GALILEO-4D trial. #AHA19 

@RichardDawkins  Stuff you never knew about tides: [Video: 13m] p.s. A full treatment of tides on Earth eluded both Galileo & Newton, until the the 19th century treatise "Tides and Kindred Phenomena " by George Howard Darwin. Yes, son of Charles.

Find COLCOT, RECOVERY, GALILEO, and GALILEO 4-D, as well as @JWatch  summaries, on our #AHA19  page Visit for full access to articles for seven days after meeting with free registration.

GALILEO showed that after #TAVR , a rivaroxaban-based strategy vs. a clopidogrel-based strategy was associated with excess ischemic & bleeding events. Read more: #AHA19 

#GALLEO4D : Decrease in subclinical leaflet thrombosis in TAVR valves with rivaroxaban-based strategy. Perspective needed in light of GALILEO findings. #AHA19  #cardiotwitter 

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GALILEO 4D: Rivaroxaban-based strategy after #TAVR  cuts reduced leaflet motion, leaflet thickening vs. antiplatelet-based strategy, but clinical practice uptake unlikely given results of GALILEO #AHA19  @HeartNews  @American_Heart  #cardiotwitter 

GALILEO: Rivaroxaban-aspirin strategy after #TAVR  confers elevated risk for death/thromboembolic events and major bleeding vs. clopidogrel-aspirin strategy #AHA19  @HeartNews  @American_Heart  #cardiotwitter  @IcahnMountSinai 

To my gr8 surproise, I see on this NASA @NASA Europa page: "It is not certain if there is a liquid water ocean on Europa at present" Is that true?!? Is water ice also consistent w/ the Galileo magnetometer results? Does anyone know the answer to this?


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If the EU really is determined to exclude the U.K. from the satellite navigation system known as Galileo, post Brexit, what happens to the £1.2bn we’ve already provided towards the project? Do we get it back?

And yet it moves. What Galileo saw through his telescope, I captured on approach to #Jupiter 

The sun, with…planets revolving around it…can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do. -Galileo

Stephen Hawking was born on the date of Galileo's death, the 8th of January. He has died on the date of Albert Einstein's birth, the 14th of March.

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Historical fact: When Galileo said the Earth revolves around the Sun, Pope Paul V said, “Fake news. Sad.”

"Lord what fools these mortals be" April 23: Happy Birthday+Deathday William Shakespeare 1564-1616. A contemporary of J.Kepler, F.Bacon, & Galileo,

Stephen Hawking liked to say he was born 300 years to the day after Galileo died, and he died 139 years after Albert Einstein was born, on Pi Day, a holy holiday for the mathematically inclined. That was a fitting bookend.

Stephen Hawking was born on the same date that Galileo died, and died on the same date that Einstein was born.

Whenever you feel like an outsider just remember Galileo was put on house arrest & called a heretic for learning what no one had 😂