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Remember the beautiful bra that Lady Gaga wore to a Grammys party (with literally nothing else?) — well, it's on MAJOR sale today!

After winning two Grammys earlier this year, @HERMusicx  wanted to use her moment in the spotlight to lift up other young R&B artists. So she created the inaugural @LightsOnFest .

Born on this date in 1925: the great Mel Tormé — who once presented at the 1975 Grammys with Ella Fitzgerald and demonstrated, with her, what it means to scat. Best clip ever. 💯 (via @pushpause )

@michaelwsmith  tells why his #GRAMMYs  are the only awards he keeps on displayed.

I drove around #TIFF  with David Foster. He told me a story about how a reporter "maybe your age" asked him for an interview and then proceeded to ask him about Lisa Vanderpump. "I wanted to say, ‘I’ve got 16 Grammys, bitch!’"

In a new doc, David Foster reminds us he's more than a reality TV star: There are those 16 Grammys

David Foster would like the public to recognize him for his musical accomplishments instead of his time on reality TV: "'Housewives' was just kind of a nightmare for me ... I’ve got 16 Grammys, bitch!'"