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The mall store Hail Mary seems to be falling short at $GPS and $M. Both had bounced ~50% when Moody’s downgraded on cash flow concerns. Which was LOL but this is worse: Gap cut to Underweight from EW at Wells. Shares are off >70% in a year. Gap is already underweight.

Monday’s Top Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades Part 1: $GOOGL $AMZN $AMGN $CERN $CNK $DBI $EMN $EBAY $ENR $FIS $FC $GPS $HLT $KMB $LH

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LP defaults ‘already happening.’ Here’s why, and what GPs’ options are

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Here’s how hunter-funded GPS collaring affects big game management in the west.

@APHClarkson  GPS' alt='shashjGPS' /'>@shashjGPS  are thin on the ground, but we didn’t like spending money on them ever - and they were banned from selling equity in practices to raise cash to invest.

@APHClarkson  @shashjThe  NHS is so big and so capital-thin that there’s nothing on the scale of a carrier. But it does have the weird echoes of the Attlee govt, which means we nationalised hospitals but not the GPs. So we have a super hospital-centred approach

There's a new twist on the house call, as doctors and patients turn to remote consultations to combat the coronavirus crisis. A boom in video appointments is helping GPs to deliver care - safely - even when patients are in home isolation. #7NEWS 

Tuesday on Breakfast: How long can New Zealand expect to be managing the alert levels? Concerns some GPs could be out of work amidst the #COVID19  crisis - what they're calling for, a truckie weighs in on what's deemed 'essential', & what you can do if your region isn't recycling.

Australians can now pick-up the phone to speak directly with their doctor and not pay for the service. Patients can access bulk-billed telehealth consultations with GPs and other services | @alicemhogg 


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Why didn’t Robert Mueller & his band of 18 Angry Democrats spend any time investigating Crooked Hillary Clinton, Lyin’ & Leakin’ James Comey, Lisa Page and her Psycho lover, Peter S, Andy McCabe, the beautiful Ohr family, FusionGPS, and many more, including HIMSELF & Andrew W?

The real Collusion, the Conspiracy, the Crime, was between the Clinton Campaign, the DNC, FusionGPS, Christopher Steele.....(and many others including Comey, McCabe, Lisa Page and her lover, Ohr and his wonderful wife, and on and on!). @replouiegohmert 

Wow, Nellie Ohr, Bruce Ohr’s wife, is a Russia expert who is fluent in Russian. She worked for Fusion GPS where she was paid a lot. Collusion! Bruce was a boss at the Department of Justice and is, unbelievably, still there!

Why aren’t the Democrats in the House calling Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Page and her FBI lover (whose invaluable phone records were illegally deleted), Crooked Hillary, Podesta, Ohr (and Nellie), the GPSFusion characters, Christopher Steele, the DNC (& their missing server)....

“You had Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party try to hide the fact that they gave money to GPSFusion to create a Dossier which was used by their allies in the Obama Administration to convince a Court misleadingly, by all accounts, to spy on the Trump Team.” Tom Fitton, JW

Now we find out that Adam Schiff was spending time together in Aspen with Glenn Simpson of GPSFusion, who wrote the fake and discredited Dossier, even though Simpson was testifying before Schiff. John Solomon of

Report out that Obama Campaign paid $972,000 to FusionGPS. The firm also got $12,400,000 (really?) from DNC. Nobody knows who OK'd!

Schiff meets with Glenn Simpson in Colorado. Schiff tried to block Congress from getting bank records of Simpson’s company FusionGPS. Those bank records showed Clinton campaign (working through Perkins Coie) was paying Fusion for the dirty Dossier.

Nellie Ohr, the wife of DOJ official Bruce Ohr, was long ago investigating for pay (GPSFusion) members of my family, feeding it to her husband who was then giving it to the FBI, even though it was created by ousted & discredited Christopher Steele. Illegal! WITCH HUNT

Is it really possible that Bruce Ohr, whose wife Nellie was paid by Simpson and GPS Fusion for work done on the Fake Dossier, and who was used as a Pawn in this whole SCAM (WITCH HUNT), is still working for the Department of Justice????? Can this really be so?????