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ALERT: While we get distracted (again) by another Trump retweet, GOP IS MOVING AT LIGHT SPEED TO WIPE OUT HEALTH CARE (again) !! Please RT!!
🚨Red Alert🚨

#Trumpcare is back & Senate GOP has until Sept 30 to pass their bill. We need your voices more than ever!
I’ve covered the GOP repeal plans since day one.

Graham-Cassidy is by far the most radical.
It's astounding how explicit the GOP is that they can only pass ACA repeal if they try to sneak it through while ppl are distracted.
People with pre-existing conditions, pregnant women among those who lose out in GOP's latest health care bill.
This is not a drill. The GOP is back w/ another version of #Trumpcare & it's no better than their last plan. It's worse.
Amazing quote from @ChuckGrassley here: Despite many reasons to oppose Graham-Cassidy, GOP must support it to uphold campaign promises.
GOP just blocked my amendment to protect DREAMers targeted by @POTUS #DACA decision. Expressions of sympathy are meaningless – time to act!
RT if you agree: the Senate GOP's decision to hide their health care plan is undemocratic, dangerous, and just plain wrong.
JUST IN: Blue Cross: GOP's ObamaCare repeal bill "undermines" protections for pre-existing conditions
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