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With NBC News now projecting that Dem Jared Golden has ousted incumbent GOP Rep. Bruce Poliquin in Maine-2, this means the partisan tally for New England House seats will be:

Dems: 21
Repubs: 0

Of the 12 US Senate seats in New England, 1 will be GOP-held:
Susan Collins.
Dems pushing for Pelosi to leave are literally letting the GOP tell them who the leader of the House Democrats should be. They shld be ashamed of rewarding the nonstop, blatantly sexist/ageist attacks against @NancyPelosi who is one of the most effective Speakers in history.
Under our horrible immigration laws, the Government is frequently blocked from deporting criminal aliens with violent felony convictions. House GOP just passed a bill to increase our ability to deport violent felons (Crazy Dems opposed). Need to get this bill to my desk fast!
"Paul Ryan leaves Washington as the architect of the GOP’s biggest loss of House seats in any election since Watergate."

Good @RonBrownstein look at the price the GOP paid for the party's embrace of Trump:
Seems likely Democrats will eventually get up to about 60m total votes for the House once unprocessed ballots from CA are tallied. Maybe a bit more (~61M?) based on what's left in other states. Those are similar numbers to what recent GOP *presidential* candidates have received.
In case you missed it: five of my colleagues and I are suing to get Kavanaugh’s White House documents released. Americans deserve answers about what the GOP is trying to hide from them.
"As of this morning, the Democratic lead in the US House popular vote is up to 7.3%, from 7.2% yesterday. For comparison purposes, note that in 2010 – which was widely seen as a GOP “wave” cycle – Republicans won the US House popular vote by 6.6%."
This was not the finding of the House Intelligence Committee, Mr. President, but only a statement by its GOP members, who lack the courage to stand up to a President of their own party when the national interest necessitates it.
Democrats have elected 6x as many women to House as GOP, but GOP maintaining a strong lead with the Indicted-American community
To Streisand, Michael Moore,Rosie and others threatening to move to Canada if GOP keeps House-I got you covered! Take warm clothes as it gets cold there!
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