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We're just one week away from the election and this is who you think will win it #GE2019 

There’s not been a single leader in #GE2019  who’s made me look to the stars. This is now a democratic exercise solely in damage limitation.

The maestro @BTUB40  will busk with me on Saturday morning at our stall in @west_brom  High St #GE2019 

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Taking off thermals after 14 hours is quite an experience. #GE2019 

Huge cheer from the crowd as Mr Corbyn says ‘there is no place whatsoever for anti Semitism or Islamophobia’ #GE2019 

Mr Corbyn is wearing his ‘for the many, not the few’ jacket that he was given in Yorkshire a few days back #GE2019 

Jeremy Corbyn repeats that he doesn’t know any billionaires #GE2019 


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Jeremy Corbyn gets caught out trying to pretend he watches the Queen's speech... this is awkward. #GE2019 

Phillip Schofield shouts at Jeremy Corbyn 'Just say sorry!' as pair clash over anti-Semitism in Labour#GE2019 

When you're just trying to mind your own business at the bus stop... @MattHancock  #GE2019 

It's here at last! Labour's 2019 election anthem - Hey Big Spender #GE2019 

Quick trim before the first TV debate of the #GE2019 . You can watch it tonight at 8pm on ITV. #RealChange 

Marr: "You are chuntering." PM: "You are interrupting - people might be more interested in my answers than your questions." #GE2019  #Marr 

This phone-in with Liberal Democrat Sam Gyimah started badly and got worse and worse. @EddieMair  | #GE2019 

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 It's time to choose a new path for Scotland. #VoteSNP  #GE2019 

🗳 We demand that Scotland has a choice about its future. #indyref2020  #GE2019 

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