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Impressive reporting tonight from my old colleague @byjacobward  on the streets of Oakland;full of context of Oscar Grant and history with MLK’s take on riots; all as tear gas and other distractions disoriented him.

Russian citizens had imagined that in the event of a disaster, a powerful and generous Putin would take full control, overcome the crisis, and help the people, @baunov  writes. That vision has turned out to be far removed from reality.

WATCH #LIVE : Two LAPD officers injured during George Floyd protests in Downtown LA. One officer suffered broken hand, another suffered head injury. Both expected to make full recovery, officials say

This longish video is the full front line between protesters and police at the White House tonight. 1.30am.

One year of Modi govt 2.0: 'Full of historic achievements', says Amit Shah

What should be done to ensure that people feel financial certainty again? Listen in to what economist Dr Jaijit Bhattacharya said. @Chaiti ) Watch the full show:

‘It’ll be a sad world if children never see a firefly on a dark night’ Among the dazzling array of @JimRichardsonNG’s pictures, his photograph of a night full of fireflies has become iconic.He shared the experience of his perfect picture with #TimesEvoke 

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PM Narendra Modi's letter to nation on completing one year of second term: Full text here

READ FULL STORY: “There needs to be some form of recourse” for APS customers who have overpaid since 2017, says AZ Corporation Commission Chair. #12News  @apsFYI ⁩ ⁦


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they act like i’m not in full control of where i throw this cooch

Full picture of tonight's selfie wouldn't fit on insta

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The FULL verse that EVERYBODY is talking about! @eminem  BODIED THIS! #HipHopAwards 

BTS have done it! 's Map of The Soul: Persona debuts at Number 1 on the Official UK Albums Chart. Full story:

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So now it is reported that, after destroying his life & the life of his wonderful family (and many others also), the FBI, working in conjunction with the Justice Department, has “lost” the records of General Michael Flynn. How convenient. I am strongly considering a Full Pardon!

Oh man. This BTS army is real and full of love and it’s great! You have no idea how many children you have helped. Thank you thank you thank you x

There are few issues more important to the security of the US than the potential spread of nuclear weapons or the potential for even more destructive war in the Middle East. Today’s decision to put the JCPOA at risk is a serious mistake. My full statement:

From the Obama family to yours, we wish you a Happy Thanksgivingfull of joy and gratitude.

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