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Mobile fugitive in drug trafficking case captured after 13 years on the lam.

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Today I’ve been breathalysed, gone through a border control check point, and sniffed by a police dog - all within 60 kms of my home. No quarrel with any of it but I kind of feel like I’m some kind of fugitive in a dystopian world...

Fugitive business tycoon #VijayMallya  will not be extradited to India as of now as the #UnitedKingdom  needs to resolve a ‘confidential’ legal issue, a spokesperson of the British High Commission said.

A man whom investigators say was a fugitive wanted out of Illinois was found dead in a LaFollette residential community Thursday morning following an extensive search.

The New York Times cannot obtain and does not have a file photo of its editorial-page editor, James Bennet. Is he a fugitive? This picture is from 2017 and by the AP.

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Fugitive#VijayMallya  likely to be extradited to India from UK soon

Fugitive Businessman Vijay Mallya to be Flown, Lodged in Mumbai on Extradition extradition #VijayMallya  #VijayMallyaextradition 

Fugitive business tycoon #VijayMallya  can be extradited to India in the coming days "anytime" as all the "legal process" has been completed #Mallya  #MallyaExtraditionE #Extraditioncasextradition

Head of Venezuela’s Petro is now a most-wanted fugitive -


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Happy Birthday Whoopi! Give my best to your fugitive friend Roman! And thanks for hating on me and KG so much, it got me to #1  NYT best seller. You’re welcome for the highest ratings in months, perhaps have someone on the show who doesn’t hate America? #TRIGGERED  #1 

YIKES: New @ODNIgov  @RichardGrenell  probably shouldn't even have a security clearance, because he failed to report lobbying work for a corrupt Moldovan politician who's now a fugitive, @iarnsdorf  reports.

Police fired tear gas at protesters outside the #Cesars2020  awards show, where controversial director Roman Polanski's latest film is nominated for 12 awards. He pleaded guilty to having sex with a minor in 1977 but fled before sentencing. He's been a fugitive since.

Being forced to leave her own country for speaking out against the military – this is the story of @Gulalai_Ismail , the women's rights activist and a fugitive on Pakistan's most wanted list:

NEW: A Chinesefugitive who belongs to President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club is accused of being a spy, according to documents filed in a federal court case.

Bureau of Immigration says it has arrested on Sunday a Japanese-German-Israeli fugitive wanted by Japanese authorities for infringement of copyright law. Romi Hoshino, 28, was reportedly the manager of “Manga-Mura”, an illegal viewing website of Japanese cartoons. | @mikenavallo 

I made a movie that pays homage to films that inspired me & a generation w/ grit, guts and heart - DIE HARD, THE TOWERING INFERNO & THE FUGITIVE. One of the most anticipated movies of the summer. Enjoy my new full length trailer for #SKYSCRAPER  JULY 13.

“I am not a fugitive. I am not living a clandestine life. I am a president. I have to meet people, act. Not live in the dark.”

my house got robbed in my dream last night but the surprise twist was that me + the burglar ended up together!! i love my fugitive boyfriend

Shakur is a cop-killer fugitive in Cuba. This, ugly sentiments from & ...Any progressives out there condemning this?