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Freedom is our priceless possession. Let us honour it forever. Happy Independence day!
Inspiring to see McCain risk his health so that millions could some day experience the unique freedom that comes from having no insurance.
thinking of everyone who has lost their lives fighting for our freedom. happy memorial day everyone 💕
The people have spoken! Freedom has prevailed! Sony didn't give up! The Interview will be shown at theaters willing to play it on Xmas day!
Coincidentally shooting 2day in the same country v got our freedom from & its sucha liberating feeling,Happy I-Day.Pls don't try this @ home
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i can't wait for the day when i legitimately do not care what anyone thinks about me that's the best freedom i could ever ask for
the wish of terrorism is to take away that feeling of freedom and joy. No. That is my answer. No. We cant allow it. Fear cannot rule the day
Every day this administration
Quietly Strips our Rights Away.Drip Drip,Drip,The Freedom we take 4granted is being pulled out from under us
Grateful to God and generations of military who sacrificed; I enjoy the liberty of America-4th of July good day to reflect on our freedom.
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