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Editorial: The Trump campaign barred members of the press from his rally in Des Moines, violating free-press principles.

Journalism will never be the enemy of the people. Stand with #FreePress .

“There must be decorum at the White House” makes for a pretty good 2020 slogan. But as a statement from @PressSec , it’s absurd. #FreePress 

#FreePress- The White House has finally had enough of CNN’s disrespect and insults. #MAGA  #TrumpTrain  #Dobbs 

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Hundreds of newsrooms around the country are joining with @GlobeOpinion  to defend the #FreePress . Here’s why:

A criminal case against Wikileaks would represent a direct threat to the First Amendment#FreePress 

When someone tells you not to question something, that’s the exact thing you should question. #NigerAttack  #FreePress 

This direct assault on the First Amendment will not stand. #freepress