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Chris, your Mom phoned and I overhead her calling you Fredo.

Oh FREDO! Chuck Ross breaks out puppets and crayons to explain exactly WHY Russia collusion was just a hoax to Chris Cuomo

It’s a bit like sending Fredo to Vegas to negotiate with Mo Greene

‘King of the self-own’: TV host Chris (Fredo) Cuomo mocked after attempt to disprove Trump’s phone theory with call to mom fails: This is everything. And this jackass gets to keep his job.

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Fredo Bang reacts to his face being used as a piñata ☹️

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Andrew Cuomo you were PLAYED and are a CHUMP. Elon is the Don and you are Fredo. What's your next move to piss away $750MM?????

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Fredo Bang drops ‘Pain Made Me Numb’ mixtape PRESS PLAY:

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ATTN Fredo: ▶️THIS Is Why We Call You Fredo Fredo Falls Right Into The Trap Set For Him By #PresidentTrump  Watch Fredo Prove That @realDonaldTrump  Is CORRECT‼️


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Stop saying Fredo was my friend, That’s my cousin, Big difference

I love New York, but New York can never be great again under the current leadership of Governor Andrew Cuomo (the brother of Fredo), or Mayor Bill DeBlasio. Cuomo has weaponized the prosecutors to do his dirty work (and to keep him out of jams), a reason some don’t want to be...

Unbelievable: @YouTube  has taken down the viral video showing @ChrisCuomo  threatening to assault a heckler and then grotesquely comparing “Fredo” to the N word. Youtube/Google literally covering up his racism and violent threats. You can’t make this stuff up. #StopTheBias 

Hey @ChrisCuomo , take it from me, “Fredo” isn’t the N word for Italians, it just means you’re the dumb brother. 😉

I thought Chris was Fredo also. The truth hurts. Totally lost it! Low ratings @CNN 

Does CNN’s head of PR still think “Fredo” is an ethnic slur after watching this? Because if it’s the N word for Italians like @ChrisCuomo says, I don’t understand why Chris seems so at ease with someone saying it here. An excuse just as fake as his news. #FredoCuomo 

Fredo and I are working on a little surprise for you. #HoldTight  x #OLLG