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#MiningPreBudget There must be progress in rectifying the fiscal crisis, which is damaging the country’s growth potential. Government spending will have to be brought under control through curtailing its salary bill, and eradicating waste and fraud.

@UvdLeyen  We @vestagerw  @ThierryBretona  @DSMeun  @EU_Healtht  a more secure electronic identity that puts people in control of the data they share online. This will allow for more personal privacy, less fraud and quicker interactions with governments and businesses. https: #DigitalEU //

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The Pension Scams Industry Group is working with anti-fraud organisation Cifas to launch a network of open-source information on suspicious companies and pension arrangements, which specialists say could be an important step in bringing scams under control, reports Prof. Pensions

Part of the @MiMedx  Fraud is a practice called layering.. Sam Ball and Jerem Sutherland taught Dirty Docs how to do this and to rip off @CMSGov  .. These people need to be brought to justice for $40,000/patient seems out of control @MelinAnders  @CGrantWSJ  @gmorgenson 

FBI agents were in three eastern Kentucky counties on Tuesday investigating along with KSP and the Kentucky Attorney General's Office of Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Control, according to the FBI. No details of the investigations were released.

Fraud part 95 - £1 billion lost in off plan property scams in Northern cities fraud is out of control even though police are at least trying to do something here.

Fraud is out of control part 94 cryptocurrency bets and sales are always frauds. Avoid them or lose a fortune.

Result @Europarl_EN  backed a vital new law to help authorities identify fake documents led by @RobertaMetsola :"Document fraud undermines the internal security of Schengen as an area of free movement without border control #FADO  ensures confidence in the security of our borders."

Exclusive: City Football Group, the owner of Manchester City FC, has returned to the transfer market with a £5m deal to take full control of Goals Soccer Centres' US business from administrators, who were called in after a VAT fraud emerged last year.

American prosecutors want Meng sent to New York to face fraud charges related to allegations she deceived banks about Huawei's control of a company accused of violating U.S. economic sanctions against Iran. @CBCtanya  explains the debate of so-called double criminality


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Latest from a senior public servant who oversees fraud in a dept: “The C’wlth Fraud Control policy is quite clear that the behaviours of the minister (McKenzie/her staff) would, if demonstrated by a public servant, lead to a formal fraud investigation. 1/2

Since it became obvious #shampeachment  was a fraud & damaging to Dems, I’ve been warning they may impeach & then *withhold it from the Senate,* where GOP gains control. Granholm’s comments to do just that confirm Dems are panicked

Only then can we tighten the noose or occupational fraud. In the last few years, a lot of attempts has been made to control fraud in governmental organisations. CAG needs to develop technical tools that iron out any chances of fraud in organisations: PM Modi

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The only "sensible gun control" begins with recognizing what Chief Justice Warren Burger called the "gun lobby's fraud on the second amendment." It does not grant an absolute right to gun ownership. It permits strong sweeping regulations that would make it very hard to own guns.

Congratulations ! And thank you for refusing to allow a massive fraud to control the conversation and overturn an American election ??? Thank you for having our back.

CNN’s Jake Tapper is a fraud. Early in his career, as a mouthpiece for a leftwing congresswoman and propagandist for Handgun Control, Inc., he was an openly partisan...

The founder of the blood-testing company Theranos, once a Silicon Valley darling, was charged with fraud by the SEC and stripped of control

This is fine, but don't let it mask the fact that Congress has authorized no meaningful way to control pharmaceutical price-hike abuses. This guy did not go to jail for his sickening price hikes, but for securities fraud.

Rick Scott's latest healthcare fraud: First, he let #Zika  spread. Now he hopes to turn a profit in mosquito control

Between our government’s unwillingness to negotiate prices and its failure to fight fraud, it’s no wonder drug prices are out of control.