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Britain's feuding party leaders criss-crossed the country in a frantic push for votes on the eve of a highly-charged general election aimed at finally settling the Brexit crisis #GE2019 

Frantic search sparked for teen 'with Newcastle accent' missing in Edinburgh

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A Geelong man accused of mowing down a pedestrian and leaving him dying in the gutter allegedly made frantic phone calls to friends minutes after the incident. @LanaMurphy  #9News 

HENRY DEEDES watches self-effacing Boris Johnson on eve of election after a frantic final day of campaigning #GE2019 

UK election: Frantic last drive for votes as polls put Tories in lead

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Leaders in frantic last drive for votes hours before election

Leaders of the main parties in Britain are engaged in a frantic last drive for votes in a general election both Tories and Labour have described as the most important in a generation. @seanwhelanRTE  reports from London |

Labour have put out a statement that makes it sound as if "hiding in fridges" is something Boris Johnson does habitually, wherever he goes, his entire election campaign a frantic nationwide dash from fridge to fridge

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Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn embark on a frantic last day of campaigning after a YouGov poll suggested Tories would win a parliamentary majority of just 28 seats


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'F--- you leakers': A former senior Google employee says a frantic quest to stop internal info getting out is now management's 'number one priority' via

If you showed the president's recent Twitter feed to a veteran police officer or detective, I bet they'd tell you the unhinged and frantic search for fabricated proof of innocence sounds like a man who knows he's been caught & desperately hopes his other crimes aren't uncovered.

“Democrats are frantic to throw something else at the President. That’s why you saw those 81 subpoenas. It’s ridiculous. Just because your still upset over an election that happened 2 1/2 years ago, you should not be allowed to ruin people’s lives like this.” Lara Trump,

Haven’t seen a single BJP supporter blaming #EVMs  when Oppn won in Delhi, Bihar, MP etc. Why is Congress-Left ecosystem so desperate? Because old ruling order is in last gasps. A loss will end empire. It senses that. So, frantic attacks on SC, EC, every institution. #IndiaWithEC 

On the very day Brits celebrated the Royal baby, the UK government removed life support system from 23-month-old Alfie Evans and stationed a line of police to keep his frantic parents from moving him to another hospital that would grant him care. A royal shame!

Expose the Corruption- ’s Chris Farrell: The FBI is terrified & frantic that President will and expose the FBI for all o #ReleaseTheMemo  its criminality. #MAGA  #TrumpTrain  #DTS  #Dobbs 

Attorneys launch a frantic effort to reunite immigrant parents with their separated kids, but find few of the children their parents are seeking

. has become so overheated and frantic in these closing days that he may begin hurting the candidates he’s traveling to help.