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More than a trickle - JPMorgan Leads $283 Billion Brexit Shift to Frankfurt - Bloomberg
As i sit on a layover in Frankfurt, Germany, i have been asked by multiple people- do Americans understand what this border separation looks like? Mothers of children being told that their kids were just being taken for a bath. They can’t fathom how this is happening in America.

Frankfurt's Luka Jovic pulls out the acrobatics for an utterly spectacular goal!

How??? 😱
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Incredible end to the DFB-Pokal final... Eintracht Frankfurt go 3-1 up with a goal on the counter 👀

Look at what it means to the players. Amazing scenes.
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Thank u Frankfurt!!!!! ❣
FRANKFURT, GERMANY. i can't wait to come back here. you were so wonderful tonight and i met beautiful people. ich liebe dich
Greengrocers in Frankfurt set the mood for #GERITA
Germany's chief federal prosecutor has announced examination of U.S. hacking activities at the Frankfurt 'Consulate' and may prosecute.
Morgan Stanley has begun moving 2,000 investment banking staff from London to Dublin or Frankfurt, BBC learns
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