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Al Franken, after DeVos narrowly gets confirmed. Yeeowtch.
Al Franken's reason for why he's a Democrat will move you to tears
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RT if you agree with Sen. Franken: it's not okay for workers to get fired for saving their own lives. Watch:
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Sen. Franken: No Democrat will vote for Betsy DeVos — and we’re seeking Republicans to oppose her
Sessions scorching Sen. Al Franken who has insinuated the AG misled the country during his confirmation hearing. I believe Sessions...
"You have to understand that I like Ted Cruz probably more than my colleagues like Ted Cruz, and I hate Ted Cruz." - Al Franken
Covfefe? Hard to say, but I hear Al Franken's new book is full of it ;)
Franken has emerged as probably the best prosecutor on the Democratic side (and he's not even a lawyer).
Sen. Al Franken just happens to have an upcoming event scheduled with Kathy Griffin.
RT if you agree with Sen. Franken: No family should have to hold a fundraiser because they hit a lifetime cap on health care coverage.
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