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. @SenGillibrand  led the charge to banish Al Franken. Can she be counted on to search for the truth about Epstein’s death and the effect that may have on numerous cases of sexual abuse?

The Political Junkie! @larryrjacobs  of the Univ/Minnesota on how Al Franken's departure from the Senate is still affecting Kirsten Gillibrand's presidential campaign.

Al Franken cannot simultaneously have been “forced to resign” and “been railroaded.” 1st, you disregard the statements of *eight* women (not 1), some by name and some Democrats. 2nd, he didn't have to resign. He chose to. He agreed to a process, then resigned to avoid it.

Former Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid said he wants to see Al Franken return to public office after being forced out of Congress over allegations of sexual impropriety

Harry Reid has made no secret of his belief that Franken was pushed out of his Senate seat unfairly amid multiple allegations inappropriate behavior toward women and more general sexual impropriety: “He got a bad deal"


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A little reminder, . This, from 2017, one week after the allegations— Collins: Franken allegations ‘credible, disgusting and appalling’ Your move. The women of America are waiting. #WithdrawKavanaugh  #PostponeTheVote  #StopKavanaugh 

So Jeff Sessions, who was exposed by Al Franken for not telling the truth in his confirmation hearing, fired Andrew McCabe for not telling the truth.

A reminder that Mitch McConnell said Al Franken was unfit to serve in the U.S. Senate after a series of he-said-she-said harassment allegations from multiple women, some of them unnamed

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Al Franken was drummed out if the Senate (and criticized by Trump) after allegations of kissing and groping a woman without her consent. There was no completed investigation, no hearings, not trial. Now Trump and those senators stand behind Kavanaugh accused of attempted rape

Franken: "There is some irony that I am leaving while a man who bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the Oval Office, and a man who preyed on young girls runs for Senate with the full support of his party."

DNC: Franken should resign RNC: we’re all in on Roy Moore

So who is ready for a world in which Democrats force Al Franken out of the Senate while Republicans vote Roy Moore in?

At the very same time that we are asking Franken to resign from senate -- we are allowing an accused child molester to run for senate. At the very same time that "Silence Breakers" is the #TimePersonOfTheYear  -- a self professed pussy grabber was runner-up. #MeToo 

Franken’s prank was cruel and humiliating. Moore’s acts “if true” rank among the worst crimes in the statute book. And the president is a confessed serial sexual assaulter, on the record.

Al Franken, after DeVos narrowly gets confirmed. Yeeowtch.

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