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France have won the 2018 FIFA #WorldCup in Moscow!

#FRACRO // #WorldCupFinal
The French ambassador to the U.S. @GerardAraud criticized Trevor for congratulating Africa on France’s World Cup victory. Trevor responds #BetweenTheScenes:
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Congratulations to France, who played extraordinary soccer, on winning the 2018 World Cup. Additionally, congratulations to President Putin and Russia for putting on a truly great World Cup Tournament -- one of the best ever!
France just won the #WorldCup

19 of its team's 23 players are immigrants or the children of immigrants
France’s Kylian Mbappe is donating 100% of his pay ($29K per gane + $350K bonus for winning the #WorldCup) to a charity that gives free sports instruction to hospitalized and disabled children.
Sixteen of the 23 players on France’s team come from families that recently immigrated to the country, most of them from Africa. Seven players are Muslim. A testament to how immigrants enrich a country’s culture.
While Republicans sleep: A rising tide of authoritarianism sweeps over capitals in Turkey and the Philippines, in Hungary and Poland, in far right parties in Germany, France and Austria. And President Trump cozies up to Putin and shuns our NATO allies. Wake up! Do your jobs.
🇫🇷 1998: France WIN World Cup
🇫🇷 2002: France OUT in Group Stage

🇮🇹 2006: Italy WIN World Cup
🇮🇹 2010: Italy OUT in Group Stage

🇪🇸 2010: Spain WIN World Cup
🇪🇸 2014: Spain OUT in Group Stage

🇩🇪 2014: Germany WIN World Cup
🇩🇪 2018: Germany OUT in Group Stage
the world just lost peace its a scary place and it's hard to take I really hope everybody is ok pray for France
Sad to hear about what happened in France today. Thinking of everyone .x
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