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Joe Scarborough
fox news is declaring it is time to go to war against the fbi these anti democratic tactics are launched the s
Fox News is declaring it is “TIME TO GO TO WAR” against the FBI. These anti-democratic tactics are launched the same day the independent counsel announces an interview with Trump.
Where is the News Corp board on this autocratic enabling?
Chelsea Handler
if rupert murdoch and his sons wont rein in its extremist propaganda advertisers should flee fox and investors
“If Rupert Murdoch and his sons won’t rein in its extremist propaganda, advertisers should flee Fox, and investors should flee its parent company, News Corp. Its stock should become as toxic as shares of mining companies that produce “blood diamonds.” —
Paul Farhi
inbox fox corp restructured murdoch controlled company that owns and fox broadcast network appoints former hou
Inbox: Fox Corp. (restructured, Murdoch-controlled company that owns @FoxNews and Fox broadcast network) appoints former House Speaker Paul Ryan to its board:
Adam McKay
i support and in condemning fox corp for fox news unconscionable lies amp support of the child prison camps
I support and in condemning FOX Corp for FOX News’ unconscionable lies & support of the child prison camps.
David Folkenflik
rupert murdoch adds another big league political figure to his stable ex speaker paul ryan becomes new fox cor
Rupert Murdoch adds another big league political figure to his stable: ex Speaker Paul Ryan becomes new Fox Corp director. Past include Trump Transportation Secy Elaine Chao (Mitch Mcconnell’s wife); Ex PM Spain; ex Sen Ayotte; Ex Asst AG Viet Dinh etc etc
Bloomberg Politics
former house speaker paul ryan joins the board of rupert murdoch s new fox corp
Former House Speaker Paul Ryan joins the board of Rupert Murdoch's new Fox Corp.
Wall Street Journal
former house speaker paul ryan was named a director of fox corp the new parent company of foxs tv assets follo
Former House Speaker Paul Ryan was named a director of Fox Corp., the new parent company of Fox’s TV assets following the sale of 21st Century Fox
David Folkenflik
6 the allegations that fox news would have had tantaros private email phones hacked raise troubling echoes of
6/ The allegations that Fox News would have had Tantaros' private email/phones hacked raise troubling echoes of News Corp UK tabloid scandal
Talking Points Memo
fox corp emerges as standalone company names paul ryan to board
Fox Corp. emerges as standalone company, names Paul Ryan to board
Media Matters
paul ryan is joining the board of fox corp
Paul Ryan is joining the board of Fox Corp.
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