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Notable: Peter Navarro admits on Fox Biz today that Trump cannot achieve 3% growth. "Trump is doing everything right...that gets us at 2% but we can't get to 3%" He blames the #Fed : "I can guarantee you this: If the Fed had not raised 100 bps, we would've been hitting 3%"

BREAKING: TUNE to Fox Biz NOW: @realDonaldTrump  doing a 180; After multiple White House denials & a 'maybe' on whether the admin. is considering a #payroll  tax *cut*, @POTUS  just said he IS thinking about a payroll tax cut. We're about 2get his comments and will roll tape asap

Is the US entering a recession? Janet Yellen tells Fox Biz: “I think the answer is most likely no. I think the the US economy has enough strength to avoid that. But the odds have clearly risen and they are higher than I am frankly comfortable with.” #economy  #stocks 

Per Fox Biz, Yellen said, “I think the answer is most likely no” when asked if we are entering economic recession. Her interview aims Friday.

Chinese Trade Sources tell us that China expects 10% tariffs on an additional $300 billion will be added Sept 1st. Those sources also say China expects that 10% to go to 25% because China will stand firm and not buy US Agriculture. -- VIA fOX bIZ

TWITTER FIGHT: Fox BIZ Trish Regan Goes After Dana Loesch

FOOD NEWS @Cheesecake Factory buys Sam Fox's restaurant biz for $350 million. Thoughts: a) #Tucson  guy makes good. Really good. b) 11 restaurant brands (see below). All successful. c) Cheesecake Factory? Blanco, Zinburger will never be the same. #12News 


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The latest - CNN, Fox, Fox Biz have agreed to air Trump. Broadcast nets still deciding

Fox biz news has now apologized and taken down that interview in which Dobbs guest says “Soros-occupied State Department” is finding and directing the migrant caravan. That’s great. But this stuff is PERVASIVE on Fox and Fox Biz. We see it all the time.

As expected, the only cable newsers carrying tonight's Trump rally are Fox News and Fox Biz.

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A Fox spokeswoman tells me that Thomas McInerney will no longer be invited on Fox Biz or Fox News as a guest...

CNN: OJ MSNBC: OJ Fox: OJ CNBC: OJ Fox BIz: OJ @BloombergTV : Analysis of CBO score on the health care bill #soproud 

Fox Biz confirms that anchor Charles Payne "is suspended pending further investigation."

5pm EST today on Fox Biz-I'll explain to leftists why their paranoia about immigration order is absurd;I'll talk REAL SLOW-hope they get it!

I'll be on Fox Biz at 7am ET and Fox/Friends at 7:20 ET; I promise to say some stuff to make my friends THINK and the trolls SHRINK.

DOJ drops case against arms dealer threatening to expose Clinton's deals Join Us LDT Fox Biz 7 East #MAGA  #Dobbs