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What makes your data valuable? Most Founders think their data is valuable - but that's actually rare & nuanced. @JamesCurrier  breaks down what produces real defensibility with data, including the formula for a True Data Network Effect.

With #JulianAssange ’s extradition hearing under way in London, RTD’s new film sheds light on why the @wikileaks  founder’s landmark case may lay the path for future prosecution of journalists.

The #EntrepreneurshipWorldCup  is coming to @sxsw . Participating founders can enter the #EWC2020  competition for a chance to win their share of $75k in cash prizes and $1M in support + a trip to the Global Finals in October with $1M in cash prizes. @MiskGlobalForum 

Two tech founders set out to build the perfect house. Now they're selling it for $13 million.

Truth-telling journalist or reckless criminal: A British judge was given two conflicting portraits of Julian Assange as the WikiLeaks founder’s long-awaited extradition hearing began Monday in a London court.

5 startup founders explain how they reimagined an old-school industry to break into the buzzy construction-tech scene

Two tech founders set out to build the perfect house. Now they're selling it for $13 million

Founders of a new online school in Indiana say they wanted to avoid the mistakes of virtual schools embroiled in an $86 million scandal. Yet @stephaniewang  discovered they hired a management company run by a man with deep ties to those troubled schools.

2 tech founders are selling their $13 million home outside San Francisco that was custom built into the side of a mountain in 2015

Agrospheres founders Ameer Shakeel and Payam Pourtaheri visited the USPTO to share their #InventorStory  at a Patents Management meeting with Commissioner for Patents Drew Hirshfeld. They also got a tour of @InventorsHOF 's latest exhibits. Read: .


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Our Founders put safeguards in the Constitution to protect against a rogue president. They never imagined that they would at the same time have a rogue leader in the Senate who would cowardly abandon his duty to uphold the Constitution.

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After two and half centuries of our nation's history, it's come to this: The President's lawyers argue on the Senate floor that he can withhold aid, coerce an ally, and try to cheat in an election, And there's nothing we can do about it. Our Founders would be aghast.

The House proved overwhelmingly that the President abused his power. Now the verdict is in: One Republican Senator had the courage to do impartial justice. To put country over party. And vindicate the Founders’ faith in self-governance. And show us, Right still matters.

History will not be kind to Donald Trump. Because truth matters. Right matters. And decency matters. It may be midnight in Washington, but the sun will rise again. I put my faith in the optimism of our Founders. You should too.

The pattern of his words and conduct is clear: President Trump thinks he is above the law. He thinks he is the state. Trump said it himself: Under Article II I can do whatever I want. Precisely what our Founders feared. Precisely why they drafted the remedy of impeachment.

Congress & the President should not be wasting their time and energy on a continuation of the totally partisan Impeachment Hoax when we have so many important matters pending. 196 to ZERO was the Republican House vote, & we got 3 Dems. This was not what the Founders had in mind!

The current occupant of the White House says, ‘Article Two says I can do whatever I want.’ That just isn’t so. Our Founders did not want a monarchy — that is why they wrote the Constitution. #LBJAward 

@RepJerryNadler  did an excellent job running a fair, substantive and important hearing. Our report found Trump withheld military aid and a WH meeting to get help with his re-election. Today’s experts made it clear this is precisely why the Founders provided for impeachment.

The Crazed, Do Nothing Democrats are turning Impeachment into a routine partisan weapon. That is very bad for our Country, and not what the Founders had in mind!!!!

The emoluments clause exists because foreign influence was a top concern for the Founders. But you don't have to take my word for it. Let Fox News explain what the emoluments clause is — and why hosting a global summit at Trump's resort violates it: