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I’d say a banked-in Ibaka 3 from above the break is fair karmic payback for some of the foul calls on him tonight.

Nurse staring a hole through ref after Ibaka’s fourth foul, third here this quarter.

Raps going OG-Pascal front court with Ibaka in foul trouble against Sabonis/Turner. This is a fun gambit.

Foul on Ibaka upgraded from just a foul to a flagrant after a review I've seen Serge do flagrantly bad things on the court, that's a cheapie

It’s time for the Nick Nurse Challenge. A 3-shot foul called on Ibaka. I think the call will stand.

@NBAOfficial  rules Serge Ibaka got away with a loose ball foul and a 3-in-key violation in L2M and overtime. If the refs hate the Raps, I guess they hate Charlotte more.

? Derrick Rose hits Siakam with the behind the back move then gets the bucket & the foul on Ibaka! 16 PTS | 5 AST | 4 REB | 28 MINS

I think Boucher is probably the best available fit for the starting lineup. Unfortunately, he is foul prone and only real Ibaka insurance, so that’s not much of an option.

Ibaka in for Gasol early, which is strange. Gasol has one foul.


Most relevant

Not only is Dwane Casey hot about reversing that foul on Ibaka from shooting to out of bounds, Raptors GM Masai Ujiri was just courtside yelling at refs.

Lowry with his fourth foul. Ibaka dead. Cavs rolling. Series feels like it's hanging in the air right now.

Play of the game: With shot clock running down, up only 4, Steph lured Ibaka into stupid foul on 3-point shot.

Ibaka earned that foul with the 5x he held Curry trying to get the inbound if nothing else. And the clear foul on the arm too.

Ibaka can say dumb foul in 4 languages, which is impressive

On replays can't quite see Ibaka grab Aldridge jersey in free-for-all. NBA said shooting foul! Can't blame refs for just letting 'em play.

Disappointed Manu didn't attack Adams, creating foul or dish to Kawhi inside Ibaka. Guess didn't trust 39-yr-old legs. Patty 0-6 in 4th q.

If a foul is called and the player (Jordan Hill) hits both FT's after a block attempt, you can't do the Dikembe finger shake, Ibaka. Right?