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Foster says, "First of all, you should be high on life," but that he does support marijuana legalization. #VoteTexas 

The property, at 994 S. Harrison Road, is leased to Intermountain Centers, a nonprofit organization that supports children with autism, adolescents aging out of the foster system and adults transitioning to independent living.

Nike is an 8-year-old boy who has been in foster care for half his life. On the morning his family legally adopted him, hundreds of people joined to support.

Foster says he wants to "create a new life for everyone." #VoteTexas 

@JohnCornyn  For Foster: "You tout that you're the only candidate with a transformation economic plan but suggest the country should go further into debt to fund it. How is increasing the deficit economically sound? " #VoteTexas 

Proposed state senate legislation would confront inequities in the child welfare system, says @TBTimes_Opinion . It would create a fairer way to fund foster care programs.

@JohnCornyn  Foster'>Jack Daniel Foster, Jr. says he's a "rural county guy " and that he understands rural counties. Says Democratic Party has mostly urban candidates who don't understand those counties. #VoteTexas 


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A same-sex penguin couple who successfully hatched an egg last year have been given another egg to foster. The Sea Life Sydney Aquarium says Sphen and Magic have the "most beautiful and possibly neatest" nest in the aquarium.

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When a litter of 1-day-old kittens was found frozen solid, their foster mom was determined to save their lives. But one of the babies needed more help than the rest ?

To the incredible people of the Great State of Wyoming: Go VOTE TODAY for Foster Friess - He will be a fantastic Governor! Strong on Crime, Borders & 2nd Amendment. Loves our Military & our Vets. He has my complete and total Endorsement!

To be clear, immigrants, legal or not, are people who want to improve their lives. To refer to them as animals or insects is to foster hate. What’s happening in Washington and on our border is sad, wrong, and unamerican.

Today laws go into effect in Texas: -allowing guns in foster homes -making it illegal for landlords to disallow guns in rental units -making it easier to bring guns in churches If more guns = less gun deaths, America would be the safest place in the world. FYI - it isn’t.

This tiny puppy was born without front legs, but he got the world's best foster dad — who had trouble letting him go ??

There's a growing suspicion that we won't be giving up our foster kitty

I encourage everyone to engage in constructive forms of communication that reject prejudice towards others and foster hope and trust today.

Last week, I spoke to a grandmother (in a cage) who the government had deemed "ineligible" to stay with her grandchild because she was not his mother. The boy was shipped off to foster care and in 6 months, can be put up for adoption in Texas. That’s what “ineligible” means.

I simply can't believe there are still people in this country who would rather see a child thrown into foster care than be given to loving LGBT parents. It is incomprehensible.